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  1. Now to be a little more serious, I have it on good authority that stock purchased just above .08 should yield a tidy profit within 2 weeks. Do not pay more that .08 as there are sellers that look desperate to sell out. This stock is following in the footsteps of RBK and AVL. Just because the depth looks weak does not mean it wont blow its top. I picked up another 280,000 in the last 2 days. I tell you it is worth watching considering 2 of the directors are out of the country.
  2. stocko


    Either I have called this way before the market realises or its behaving like its got the breaks on....go figure.
  3. It is real easy to keep a few certain people happy on kcg. This is how it goes, KCG has no hope of ever getting the project off the ground because it is in the middle of a desert and their is no infrastructure. There is no water, no people, no chance of this project ever coming to fruition. Oh do not forget that an initial 620,000 ounces of gold is sub economic to mine. The directors are utter fruit cakes and Macquarie bank ought to know better, how dare they waste shareholders equity. Somebody should of explained that to all Gold miners back in the 1800's they had no infrastructure, no water, no millions of dollars so they should all of stayed at home. If we were all like a certain few we would all be living in caves. PS I hope the ass drops out of the stock and it goes back to 2 cents where it belongs, that is with the rest of the dogpile. That should be the end of any arguments as now im towing the concentual line on kcg!
  4. stocko


    This will cause a rush on Relenza annd Tamiflu. BTA shares could go ballistic if the Yanks go into panic mode. Bird flu discovered in Delaware chickens Saturday, February 7, 2004 Posted: 3:45 PM EST (2045 GMT) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RELATED • Deadly bird flu spreads in China • New clue why 1918 flu epidemic was deadliest • U.N. probes pig-bird flu link PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (Reuters) -- A flock of 12,000 chickens in Delaware was destroyed Saturday in a bid to prevent the spread of avian flu, and state agriculture officials hastened to say the virus differs from the one that has killed people in Asia. The chickens were slaughtered on a farm in southern Kent County, Delaware, at 11:30 a.m. after two birds tested positive for the virulent H7 virus Friday, Delaware agriculture secretary Michael Scuse said. The virus is different from the H5N1 virus in Asia, Scuse said. That strain has forced the slaughter of millions of birds there and killed 18 people in Thailand and Vietnam who had come into direct contact with them. "The virus that is in Asia is a mutation of H5," Scuse said. He said the H7 strain found in Delaware is fatal to poultry but does not transmit to humans. Scuse said he was "fairly confident" the virus had not spread. As a safeguard, however, other flocks within a two-mile radius of the infected farm would be tested, and the outcome of that process would probably be known by Tuesday, he said. If the virus is found in any of the other flocks, the testing area would be extended to five miles, he said. The slain flock's carcasses will be composted at the farm, which has been quarantined, he said. South Korea, which is battling a deadly outbreak of the virus, reacted swiftly to reports of the discovery in Delaware, immediately halting imports of U.S. poultry. Poultry is a multibillion-dollar industry in the Delmarva Peninsula where the infected farm is located, and is the mainstay of the local economy. The Delmarva region, which lies between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, consists of parts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. The farmer did not supply chickens to Purdue or any other commercial poultry company, said Anne Fitzgerald, a spokeswoman for the Delaware Agriculture Department. Officials declined to release the precise location of the farm or its owner, saying that quarantine regulations required a minimum of traffic in the area.
  5. Looks like there is a few million shares still to come out of the woodwork. I will expect it to come under considerable selling pressure until some good news hits the markets. Short term it looks weak but long term should come good.
  6. I agree muns, BTA looks better just bought $22000.00
  7. stocko


    I do not really know, depends on how scared people are of the bird flu. If it proved that there is possible human to human transmission BTA should go hard as its Relenza product offers some protection agaist the strain
  8. stocko


    BTA is the best bio buy at the moment, seems to be consolidating before another run.
  9. Anybody following this cashed up flu vax bio? I have been waiting for it to truly bottom out, I think it could run well on any flu vax type announcements.
  10. IN REPLY TO A POST BY stocko, Thu 29/01/04 11:10pm [READ POST] I think it will have no effect on the share price, much too long for the next announcements. Impatience was showing agian today, expect it to be sold down on small/medium volume. This may be of interest to KCG holders. 2 Directors are flying out to Argentina tonight. Reps from a certain bank are going over as well. Make your own assumptions.
  11. I think it will have no effect on the share price, much too long for the next announcements. Impatience was showing agian today, expect it to be sold down on small/medium volume.
  12. IN REPLY TO A POST BY influxweb, Thu 22/01/04 09:16pm [READ POST] KCG seems to be trying hard to break up! http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif any thoughts? Andrew I think that there could be a couple of sellers left from the 12 cent spike we had the other week, I think that when these guys are out it should get to around 15 cents on the back of the roadshow and broker presentations that are currently underway. This is the next RBK make no mistake it will get up with the bigger Gold stocks in the next few months. Remember "I just know"
  13. IN REPLY TO A POST BY one fat lady, Wed 21/01/04 05:38pm [READ POST] Mac bank are bastards and will not have KCG's best interests or be looking at the long term prospects of this company. I would not worry about anything negative from Macquarie bank being involved, if you knew what is in store for Kanowna in the near future you would be collecting as many shares on pull backs as i have been doing. Now holding 1.35 Million FPO http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif The directors are men of high integrity with a vast experience in the mining and finance industries, if anybody would take the time to look up their areas of expertice they would be very happy with the current board structure. (KCG announcements) Just remember that companies like OXR, RBK and AVL all had initial finance around the ten cent mark, look at where they are today! KCG is in a very good position with the Cerro Negro project - the exploration area is proved to contain 620,000 Oz Gold and a very substantial amount of Silver (up to 300 gpt). The area needs a hell of a lot more drilling and i will say with great confidence that the resource will be proved up quite substantially. (research from Oroplata and Anglogolds Cerro Vanguardia project) I think we will see the project heat up in the first part of February as these directors are flat stick getting the job done. Expect brokers roadshows to commence, another drilling program and lots of share buying as we have seen over the last few weeks. (Brokers are already talking about the projects and I am still buying) Macquaries are company makers..
  14. Hi Rotuma, I started my collection of KCG with about 50,000 to start, did you notice the announcement today? Macquarie bank is now on the share registry (pity the placement was done while the stock was at .07) In the long run this will not matter, I expect the next series of announcements will be further drilling to prove up reserves and then a JV with one of the big four Gold companies, either Gold Fields, AngloGold or Newmont......my money is on GFI but Newmont expressed intense interest.
  15. All good things come to those that wait, no buying from insiders could mean an announcement is about to be released......notice how the stock price is just hanging waiting for something to happen. Holding 1.3 Million fpo
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