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    "little dark horse" all right! Been a one way climb since start of Feb '09. Some minor consolidation below $2.00 through March, but blasted through into April & May. Not much discussion around on MRU - still somewhat un-discovered? All the best to current holders - of which, as I type, I am not
  2. krk004


    Is it paying off management fees? or is it paying off a finance facility? Often these MIS have allowed you to get the full tax deduction at the end of the financial year, via a finance facility through the MIS entity, without the need for full funds upfront. I'm not sure which it is, haven't really explored it to that greater depth? All the best to holders,
  3. krk004


    Interesting! Safe haven for Timbercorp assets Not a holder,
  4. FWIW; Nufarm gains favour as profit jumps quote - "Nufarm is a play on the need for the world's hungry hordes to be fed, but as we have seen with fertiliser that doesn't make for sustained high prices. Nufarm's line is that soft commodity prices remaining buoyant and fuel and fertiliser costs down, growers have more incentive to grow (and to protect) crops." As with most other shares over the last few weeks, has had a tidy run, up ~33% from early Feb. Still very reliant on 'rains' (to get crops started & going) & 'credit' (for fertiliser to help crops growing) - 2 issues that still are far from resolved. Not a current holder - still on watchlist though.
  5. (we've seen) The top of this debt cycle for ASX200 companies, cashflow is king!
  6. News Just In; Storm Financial wound up
  7. FWIW; Long term, steel could make sense Not a current holder,
  8. krk004


    FWIW; Long term, steel could make sense Not a current holder,
  9. krk004


    FWIW; Water sale pays off for Tandou Farm Not a holder,
  10. FWIW; Trujillo's surprise seat on US bank board Not a TLS holder,
  11. triage, another one for you with Jim Rogers; http://player.sbs.com.au/naca/#/naca/datel...gers-Interview/
  12. krk004


    also; Stonewaller Nick hard to pin down quote - "Goldman Sachs JBWere was engaged by BrisConnections to try to find an institutional buyer for his stake."
  13. krk004


    FYI; http://www.bcsunitholders.com.au/
  14. Thanks, Have been using it, but as mentioned, it only saves as an .exe file on my desktop. From there, it basically needs to 're-boot' each time I want to run it. Or, I have to re-download it for a newer version. Is this what you are experiencing? Cheers,
  15. Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, Is this meant to be saved onto my computer? All I get is an .exe file that is on my desktop, so it doesn't update each new version automatically. I have hit 'save as' as I have downloaded, but just reverts to the .exe file? Comments?
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