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  1. North America: The time for electric motorcycles has arrived (yahoo.com) Markets got to wake up to VMT sometime soon with increasing earnings and plenty cash in the bank!!
  2. veeone

    COD New Chapter

    One to have benefitted from the deeper dive into the sector has been Coda Minerals (ASX:COD), last mentioned here in March when it was a 39c stock. It traded on Thursday at 83c, with its latest leg up the result of an initiation report by Shaw & Partners on the stock on Wednesday. It came with a 12-month price target of $2.30. Not surprisingly, the market in Coda responded by carrying the shares 16c or 23% higher on the day to 85c. https://www.livewiremarkets.com/wires/coda-taps-investor-appetite-for-junior-copper-plays-with-organic-growth-potential
  3. veeone


    the trading halt is requested pending a potential application by the Company to the Federal Court seeking orders in relation to the Company’s inadvertent failure to lodge a cleansing notice pursuant to section 708A(5)(e) of the Corporations Act within the prescribed 5 day period after the issue of 95,333,357 shares in the Company on 4 March 2021; Think they need to fire the company accountant!! V1
  4. veeone


    More good news this week SciDev Limited (ASX:SDV; SciDev, or the Company) is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract for supply of its MaxiFlox chemistry with SLN, a subsidiary of Eramet, the world’s number one producer of ferronickel, a key raw material input to the stainless steel market. The commercial supply will begin in FY21 for SLN’s Nepoui and Tiebaghi nickel operations. SciDev progressed through laboratory and field qualifications in early FY21. The Company’s MaxiFlox® chemistry and OptiFlox® technology will be used onsite to improve operational efficiency and water use.
  5. veeone


    Having secured a one week trial with one of the world’s largest resource companies, water tech company SciDev (ASX: SDV) now has a foot in the door at Fortescue Metals Group (ASX: FMG) with hopes of scaling the engagement to something more long-term. SciDev’s trial comes following a competitive tender process where Fortescue sought water treatment solutions at its Solomon Hub in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia. While the trial is valued at $60,000 the opportunity it presents SciDev is significantly larger if the trial of their MaxiFlox® chemistry goes well. Full Article https://www.thesentiment.com.au/scidev-hopi...cue-engagement/
  6. veeone


    Annual report Today The focus for SciDev and the management team through the FY21 financial year is: • Continue ensuring the safety of all SciDev Ltd staff through COVID-19 pandemic. • Driving revenue growth through the execution of SciDev’s business development pipeline across its target verticals, complemented by a strong focus on cash generation and tight cost controls. • Upgrading the Kings Park manufacturing facility to build capacity for the supply of SciDev chemistry into the domestic infrastructure and mineral processing sectors. • Capitalising on the strategic JV with Nuoer China, targeting State- Owned operations outside of the PRC. • Continue to develop supply chains across several sectors and geographies, particularly in North and South America. • Building on momentum in the construction sector globally and look for opportunities to integrate into operations. • Expanding our presence in coal and oil & gas in North America and progressing COVID-19 impacted projects. • Accelerating initiatives in the Australian water and waste water sector. • Extending SciDev’s technology in the precious metal and base metal sectors. • Continuing to progress discussions with strategic technology partners.
  7. veeone


    Just gets better!! V1 It has come to the attention of the Molopo Board that a payment in the sum of AUD 670,800.19 initiated by the Company through its bank to a well-known creditor has been misdirected to a third party account advised to it through what appeared to be a legitimate email communication from the creditor that was subsequently identified to be a suspected fraudulent email. The Company is attempting to trace the fictitious email and banking details and will take whatever action is necessary to recover these funds. The Board will advise further when information is available. This announcement was approved by the Chair of the Company.
  8. veeone


    This saga seems to just keep on keeping on!! Totally disgusting. V1 Molopo’s shares have been suspended from trading since 27 July 2017 due to the level of its operations not being, in ASX’s opinion, sufficient to warrant the continued quotation of its securities in compliance with Listing Rule 12.1. ASX Guidance Note 33 deals with the removal of a Company from the Official List if its shares have remained suspended for a period of two years. Following a previous application to ASX by Molopo, the ASX confirmed an extension to the deadline for Molopo’s removal was on the basis that it afforded Molopo the opportunity to demonstrate to ASX that it is in the ‘final stages’ of implementing a transaction that will lead to the resumption of trading of its securities. For these purposes, being in the ‘final stages’ of implementing a transaction means that the Company has completed the requirements referred to in Guidance Note 33. The ASX has now considered the Company’s submissions on the progress of Molopo’s Victorian Supreme Court proceedings against former Molopo directors and, given the present circumstances, the ASX has agreed to further extend the deadline from 1 September 2020 to 28 February 2021 to afford Molopo the opportunity to demonstrate to ASX that it is in the ‘final stages’ of implementing a transaction that will lead to the resumption of trading of its securities. Whilst the current Molopo Directors recognise that this is extremely frustrating for shareholders, the Molopo Board will address the Company’s listing on ASX once the litigation proceedings against the former Directors are completed.
  9. veeone


    Likely developments and expected results of operations The focus for SciDev and the management team through the FY20 financial year is: ââ€â€Â Drive SciDev's revenue line through the execution of a well structured business development pipeline in the Oil & Gas and mineral processing sectors ââ€â€Â Key large customer opportunities across several continents where the synergies for the OptiFlox & MaxiFlox combination can deliver the greatest value to SciDev's customers and subsequent value to shareholders ââ€â€Â Build upon the SciDev’s momentum in the Australian coal industry, transitioning across application, mineral types and key industry players with our OptiFlox® technology ââ€â€Â Further develop the opportunities presented through SciDev (US) LLC into the US oil & gas sector ââ€â€Â Extend SciDev's technology into the precious metal and base metal sectors throughout Australia and Asia, while looking for other opportunities in currently unrealised sections of the mineral processing value chain ââ€â€Â Renew SciDev's effort in the Australian water and wastewater sector with strategic partnerships and licensing opportunities with global operators and key end users ââ€â€Â Deliver upon recent agreement with Iluka in the mineral sands sector delivering value and further developing this relationship ââ€â€Â Continue to strengthen and leverage SciDev's relationship with Nuoer through joint marketing and R&D efforts in key market areas while also refining the geographic manufacturing footprint
  10. veeone


    Highlights from Fridays 4E Cheers V1 FY19 Highlights  Revenues from customers increased by 31.9% to $2.92m  Net cash position of $1.76m supported by successful placement to Nuoer Group and a $2.5m fund raising  Entered into a binding agreement to acquire the exclusive distribution and marketing rights in Australia and other Oceanic countries for polymer products produced by Chinese base Nuoer Group  Lewis Utting commenced as CEO & Managing Director in April 2019  Established North American presence with SciDev (US) LLC with first product sales to SciDev MOU partner Phoenix Process Equipment Company with Nuoer manufactured product  Continued evaluation across several coal projects in the Bowen Basin and NSW coal fields with tier-one producers. The Optiflox® system trial continues at a major coking coal operation with further commercial discussions anticipated in September 2019  Strengthening of the board with the addition of Newcrest mining professional Jon Gourlay and Simone Watt from our strategic investor Sinoz as Non Executive Directors  Post the end of the financial year, the Company announced it had received its first major order for friction reducers from the oil & gas companies in the US Permian Basin. The A$1.08m order validates SciDev’s strong US push  Further the company recently announced post year end that it was awarded a long term MaxiFlox® sales contract with Iluka Resources which is expected to be AUS$8m – AUD$12m over the course of the contract
  11. veeone


    Gone the way of the dodo. Had such potential that will now only be realised by the chinese.............. Happened such a lot in the past 10 years right across the asx.. V1
  12. veeone


    This is worth a read. Cheers v1 http://www.newingonstocks.com/wp-content/u...5-corrected.pdf
  13. veeone


    Wow some good news finally from SDV (was INL) More to come in the near future i would say. From todays announcement via asx. Cheers V1
  14. veeone


    SciDev Ltd (ASX: SDV) – Trading Halt SciDev Ltd (ASX:SDV) requests a trading halt to be placed on the Company’s securities pursuant to ASX Listing Rule 17.1, effective immediately, and provides the following information: • The Company makes the request pending the release of an announcement in relation to a material commercial transaction. • The trading halt is expected to last until the earlier of the Company releasing an announcement related to the transaction, or the commencement of trading on Wednesday, 6 February 2019. • The Company is not aware of any reason why the trading halt should not be granted. I hope finally some good news as this ones been in my bottom draw for so long I have lost count of the years!!! Sooo many consolidations !!! Geez V1
  15. veeone


    On the 17th of March 2017, Gindalbie Metals Limited (ASX: GBG) (‘Gindalbie’ or the ‘Company’) announced1 that it has entered into a farm in agreement with Terrace Mining Pty Ltd ('Terrace') for the Mt Gunson Copper-Cobalt Project, located 135km north of Port Augusta, South Australia. The Mt Gunson Copper-Cobalt Project has two reported JORC Mineral Resources: MG14 (JORC 2012) - 1.6Mt @ 1.4% Cu, 0.04% Co and 14g/t Ag; and Windabout (JORC 2004) - 18.7Mt @ 1.0% Cu, 0.05% Co and 10g/t Ag The key terms of the farm in agreement are: Stage 1 - Gindalbie will spend A$1.37M during the first 12 months to earn 25%. Stage 2 - Gindalbie will spend an additional A$2.5m to earn an additional 26% within a maximum of 4 years. Stage 3 - Gindalbie can earn an additional 19% by spending a further A$2.75M within a maximum of 6 years. At the completion of Stage 3, Gindalbie has the option to purchase an additional 5% for A$1.5M. The total of the staged and option payments is US$6.24M (A$8.12M)2, MinesOnline.com have discounted these payments by a nominal 10% discount rate to determine a NPV of US$4.48M (A$5.83M). Based on the discounted cash consideration and 75% of the Mt Gunson Copper-Cobalt Project's Total Resources, equating to 528.4Mlb CuEq3, the transaction is valued at US$0.008/lb4 on a resource tonne equivalent basis. The valuation on a resource pound basis is at an approximate 20% discount to the MinesOnline.com's Exploration 1 year multiple (US$0.010/lb), equivalent to the 3 year multiple and at a 50% discount to the 5 year multiple (US$0.016/lb). MinesOnline.com notes the similar recent transactions: Tottenham - 2017 (2.1Mt @ 1.2% Cu for 55.56Mlb Cu) for US$0.54M - US$0.010/lb Thaduna/Green Dragon - 2016 (5.14Mt @ 1.8% Cu for 203.77Mlb Cu) for US$1.53M - US$0.007/lb www.minesonline.com
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