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  1. Director buyimg is a positive sign,,
  2. Has SS been shut down ...or has something happened to the internet I OZ (I I Vietnam)... where have all the posts and posters gone?? Anyone still holding these??
  3. grommit


    Haven't been on SS for a long time...what's happened to the XPE thread and all the previous posts??
  4. grommit


    Seriously...NO posts for ONE YEAR??? Am I the only idiot here to have held these for soooo long? The waiting and suffering continues... the coconut was cracked... all that leaked out was a little milk!! Been holding close to 9 yrs maybe
  5. Im still holding...good to see some action...would love to see 12c again! Lets hope that Wednesday's ann is a goodie! Good luck all
  6. grommit


    nice steady movement here. Loving the story unfolding...albeit slowly.
  7. HAHA...My favourite MME! I sold at 3.1 avg and still kicking myself...its coming back...just could t see it going any further and then WHOOOSH! Nipper is right in that it was mostly speculation....anyway...i still see good things coming and will buy in if we get close to 3c again.
  8. Nipper...are you suggesting the stock price will plummet? PPL with their hard earned cash in this one will, on the contrary be breaking out the bubbly! ..just not me!!
  9. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! ...we hit 30.5 today.....lets hope this confirms a nice little upswing to 35c and beyond.
  10. I SOLD ALL! I just cant see HOW/WHY this is going ballistic?? ...i recon there is a capitol raising coming...and the results haven't been spectacular of late...anyway...as usual...the average Joe is not privy to all the info ...someone knows something! ANyway...gotta be happy with a profit!
  11. GEEEZ>..AHF struggling to reach that ngext target of 35c...just when you think it gets a little head of steam (up to 29c).....it drops back to 26/27. GRRRRRRR
  12. grommit


    Trading holt...recon its a capital raising possibly? always the way when u get a nice spice in SP...whose been on this wild ride? should have got in when I had the chance at 1.3c! YIIIIKES!!
  13. grommit


    Rozz....been waiting for it to hit 1.3c again...lol
  14. grommit


    I have a sneaking suspicion this is a pump and dump prior to an announcement..Someone wanted to hit those stop losses and then get in at a lower price...well...it worked...wish these people would forewarn ME!! Could have made a nice 10%! Anyway...lets hope im right and those imminent agreement announcements are actually imminent! ...Still holding...It seems Im just about the only one or others still hibernating?
  15. Looks like we wait for another attempt to pop over the 30c mark. Not a lot of support at 27.5 but hopefully that will build. 35c would be nice Arty...but the target beyond that (around 60c) would be better!
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