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  1. Mitchell Services announces repayment of $8.50m shareholder loan facility https://stocknessmonster.com/announcements/....asx-2A1123234/
  2. crooky


    Still holding , but like you thought it would have pullback today . no recent announcements . Hope more into this then just a day traders thing.
  3. crooky


    This may have help as well , MOU signed with APA http://www.stocknessmonster.com/news-item?...X&N=1019427
  4. A few from Bull .com today , looks as though these stocks have been beaten around a bit so might be worthy of going on your watch list for any recovery. http://www.thebull.com.au/premium/a/67682-...s-to-watch.html
  5. Thanks Cooderman, Been caught out trying to pick bottoms , seems flat so far this morning so maybe just a pump Friday . Kind regards crooky
  6. Any thoughts with AJX , looking like a possible breakout from here , they held a shareholder only meeting last Thursday night , could be the reason for the spike . Seems to be pumped over the road which tends to put me off. No position held . Daily chart attached . sorry about the double take.
  7. DGR poised to break 10.5 cents I hope . In short DGR have an interest In Solgold. BHP offered to pay $US30 million for a 10 per cent stake in Solgold, and to spend a further $US275 million earning a 70 per stake in the company that holds Cascabel; Exploraciones Novomining (ENSA). http://www.theage.com.au/business/markets-...010-grzb38.html
  8. Interest growing with their stake in Solgold , Newcrest and Guyana Goldfields and Maxit Capital have recently taken a position in Solgold.
  9. Nice breakout today YOWIE CELEBRATES FULL U.S. ROLLOUT TO OVER 4300 WALMART STORES http://www.stocknessmonster.com/news-item?...SX&N=723578
  10. Yowie New York Investor Presentation http://www.stocknessmonster.com/news-item?...SX&N=715522
  11. crooky


    Read with interest the announcement this arvo triage , my my All of the PELs were acquired from Lawndale Pty Limited (Lawndale), a company controlled by Andrew Purcell, a non-executive director of AJ Lucas. Lawndale in turn acquired the PELs from Dart Energy Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Igas PLC, incorporated in the United Kingdom. Santos Limited currently has a 15% interest in PEL456, but has elected to earn a further 35% interest through an existing farm-in arrangement, which once completed will increase its interest to 50%. The balance of the equity interest in the PELs will be retained by Lawndale. Santos is the operator of PEL456 while PEL445 and PEL458 will be operated by Lucas or its nominee. Hold AJL , talk about a dog biting it's tail
  12. YOWIE ACHIEVES NATIONAL RANGING IN U.S. SAFEWAY http://www.stocknessmonster.com/news-item?S=YOW&E=ASX&N=710193
  13. SUCCESSFUL YOWIE WALMART TRIAL LEADS TO U.S. ROLLOUT http://www.stocknessmonster.com/news-item?...SX&N=709419
  14. really, no matter what this spec is ticking the right boxes
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