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  1. Hi Nipper I read a few months back that China had built two enormous ships in order they can carry as much iron ore from Africa where I think they are invested. Australia better find a new commodity that’s in demand as I wouldn’t want to be holding iron ore LT.
  2. Hi Nipper nice to hear what you’ve been up to. I think AVA is only one on my watch but my son keeps on about graphine/graphite but id have to sift through a lot of them . Mostly this year been trading Zip and Lyc I haven’t had the time I used to for research but not complaining I have done ok . Still hold few zip. I agree I not up with this new format here that’s why I have been missing the old one to me was more user friendly . I like some of their suggestions that come through my email But not actioned any yet . I’ll check those ones out all of yours old and new this weekend . Be great to have a successful year for a change will take up some of my losses . I’ll check in from time to time make sure you not asleep in your retirement , best of luck mate .
  3. Hi Nipper how you been going . Got any likely ones your on at moment . I’ve been in and out of Zip past 15 months still have a few.I now looking for another A2m and zip but they hard to come by . I like lyc and there is a small rare earths one I have an eye on but they more long term. Thought I’d see what you are doing these days you always have great advice. So now I’m waiting. For it
  4. Interesting article thanks bs
  5. Thanks Nipper that’s sad we all used it for personal friendly chats it Makes a big difference. Sometimes change is not as good as original.
  6. Hi Nipper Haooy New Year hope you catch some biggies this year . I wonder if you could navigate me a bit around this new format I don’t see anywhere That you can post IM’s . Maybe you could tell me I’m totally blind or dumb but if you know please share. Ps. Not much new exciting innovation since Steve Jobs this guy keeps reinventing same ole. Maybe Apple will try its hand at cars we are due for some new tech that actually works. Cheers Frodo
  7. Another of my picks I got impatient with and dumped in the 2.90 range thinking I could pick it back up before the meeting mid Jan and what happens I lost money as soon as I sold and now look at it. After much research this one was the pick of the bunch considering the Canadian tie up. Bit late to get back on now.
  8. Wish I had a list of Wise Tech Global stocks !!
  9. True if I jump in now you can bet on the cows coming down with mad cow disease. I like their buy back in the future . They saying they have no problems with China being Legally accepted by December but as we know China loves giving us nasty surprises so id be happier If that was all sorted. It's making its first profit in U.K. And inroads into US it's definitely a different kettle of fish to BAL. But it's high then again I can visualise it going double that just have to find nerves of steel. They haven't got a huge heard of those special cows oh and I Forgot the legal battle they have Everything Is pointing to wait and see ?
  10. Just knew you'd put me on the right path ???
  11. Nipper I appreciate the post but can you please tell me if it's going up or down tomorrow ? Don't ask for much ?
  12. Why did I sell at $1 anybody have any ideas if this is ever going to pull back?
  13. Taken me 12 months to break even and start making a little was frustrating.
  14. frodo

    Medical Cannabis

    Thanks Arty for the latest ZYB. Ive started going through them there is a lot to read so only did 3 last night. Bought some ESE today as I liked the look of them I think that company already doing some dealings in US - not sure where I read that but looks hopeful. There is another one which Is a real penny stock but it has connections with another larger company I just have to check out the other company and how it stacks up. Im thinking some of these will be winners and some will sink so its a real casino but only sold a few of my LNG to pay as Its like painful watching it for months.
  15. frodo

    Medical Cannabis

    WOW Arty I know where to come now. Will start my checking at least I could be happy losing .
  16. Arty sorry to be off subject. But do you know the company that is doing cannibis or marjuanha (sorry can't spell) i think its a new IP was trading I read somewhere at 55 last but forget the name. Anyway I could do with some myself They reckon its in the form of drive through now and even Uber delivery what a weird world. Sure will fix aches and pains - maybe but would if I had some and it took off to a ten bagger.
  17. Yeah my FMG took a pounding this week so I shorted my own and made a little but still down overall. FMG expects it to stabilise around the 60-65 mark but they also said expect volatility in the meantime so I guess we are getting it. Shame it was the same day TLS went $4 as I was tempted but eh well is dry . Hope you all making money on something. Its very heart stopping what Trump and that Nth Korean guy are going to do next so I don't know what would happen to share market it they start something, if they do they better make sure they get that Korean leader. Nervy times.
  18. frodo


    OOpps thx for informing me Balance I always figured that is the only reason the Marsh bros were in because of Rod Marsh sorry Im an idiot. Keep my mouth shut and hope that we can win this one as India looking ok atm.
  19. frodo


    Triage its all because of "daddy"
  20. Bad luck Bear but mine cost me 6.14 and dog is not the word I have in mind. I feel like asking Penn to take a pay cut and use their dam war chest to get into something that is more relevant and up to date.. =Bad management with out of date equipment Im out as soon as I can just wish I sold yesterday at 5,19 my gut said sell should always listen to it because my brain is totally full of crap. There are so many stocks going up with the Trump rally and we are stuck with this load of ?
  21. How about a Daily heads up on what say half a dozen brokers or financial big wigs are predicting for the ASX for the day. It would be interesting to have this before we start trading, a Daily Heads up would be good. Not that we will take too much notice as I am sure most people do their own research and place their bets long or short from their own experiences. Having said that it could work out to our advantage because we would see who is on the ball more often between the seamless brokerage reports we get inundated with. For eg. I not too sure CBA is right that often so perhaps they could be compared to Bell and a few others. Anyway just a thought if we could get tis before open its just another link that we can chat about.
  22. Hi Arty, so that 1/2 is that meaning it could go down to 5.12.? or do you see it going up from herein? Big ask I know. Itchy fingers here.
  23. Just loved the report Telstra put out today showing you how to use your phones to avoid brain cancer just in case . It's like thanks management why don't you just sink telstra in a bucket of crap where it belongs along with the smart management . But no just wait next announcement will be to wear special glasses watching Foxtel incase of sudden loss of sight and hearing . Can't wait to sell this load of xxxxx should have yesterday. Telstra makes be run companies look good. This is my personal opinion telstra just incase you want to sue me I have no money it's stuck in your tangled wires.
  24. Go TLS I may have a good 2017 . I thought there was a divi plus a special whatever promised but read so many fairy stories but you never know.
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