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    Hi, Ive been using bourse data as my live trading software for over10 years. Unfortantely now for me, they are changing their software. It is now basically just webiress the same as most brokers. Im really disappointed to see bourse 6 end, and am looking for software which is basically the same as it was. One thing in particular I liked was the classical MDI, which allowed you to quickly ctrl/tap thru up to 20 windows, along with customising colors on MD, Watchlists, Charts. Anyone got any ideas of providers which offer this? Cheers mono
  2. monoply


    Wow!! A merger. Who would have thought.
  3. monoply


    In reply to: rbcrawford on Wednesday 27/02/08 08:44pm Ok, we will watch with interest to see if it comes true. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
  4. In reply to: mme on Wednesday 27/02/08 11:44am My oppies are worth 0 http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sad.gif
  5. 2.5 cent interim dividend announced. Nice!!
  6. In reply to: john269 on Wednesday 21/11/07 10:12am Report on Friday was a good one. Interim Dividend of 2 cents.
  7. In reply to: pickup on Wednesday 06/02/08 07:09am The CUS website mentions that a new website is been built. Not sure where the staff info etc is.
  8. In reply to: geordie99 on Monday 04/02/08 07:45pm It must be the tightest ship around, if something is up and the insiders are not allowed to buy!
  9. In reply to: tcisboss on Wednesday 12/12/07 12:43pm Had a pretty impressive close.
  10. monoply


    In reply to: ohmyme on Friday 09/11/07 07:15am Looks like you were right.
  11. In reply to: apache123 on Wednesday 28/11/07 06:21pm The chairmans address to shareholders last week, showed the 4 wells due to start mid Dec.
  12. monoply


    In reply to: subluxation on Monday 26/11/07 10:23am China news out. Xdigital
  13. monoply


    In reply to: subluxation on Thursday 15/11/07 01:29am Anything could happen here. I dont think there was ever any mention of the SPP being underwritten by anyone, so who knows if they have someone to take a big whack or not. Obviously the marjority of small investors would not have taken up the offer. So I guess, they may have someone take a big slice, Or they may even give someone a big slice at a reduced rate to get the cash in. I dont know if the need the money, or not. I doubt they did this just so small holders could make a marketable parcel, but you never know. So as I said........anything could happen.
  14. In reply to: Livas1 on Wednesday 14/11/07 08:41am Where do you find the info Livas?
  15. In reply to: anne on Sunday 11/11/07 05:57pm Ive been wondering this same thing. Cant find the info anywhere, although I guess I could email S&P. Thanks for the streetracks link. All very interesting. Top four make up about 20%. Cheers
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