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  1. not much on this one .... a slow and steady rise from its 2014 appearance. Was ub $2 and now $9 Fiducian Group Limited (FID), formerly Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited, is an Australian financial services company which operates an Investor Directed Portfolio Service and Managed Discretionary Account service, acting as the Trustee of Fiducian Superannuation Service and acting as the Responsible Entity of Fiducian Funds. They also provide specialist financial planning services, accountancy resource services, administration and professional services. from the press, a couple of fund managers having a peek under the bonnet: James Marlay ( Livewire Markets ) : Now, Roger, our first stock today is Fiducian Group. It is a bit of a special one for Livewire readers because Ivan, who is one of our regular readers, said it has been one of the absolute standout dividend stocks in his portfolio over the last seven or eight years. I think it has been compounding 18 per cent dividend growth since 2013. Are you a buy, hold or sell on Fiducian? James Marlay: Simon are you a buy, hold or sell on Fiducian?
  2. What international flights are there from Sydney? Los Angeles, United States from November 1 London, UK from November 1 Singapore from November 23 Delhi, India (via Darwin) from December 6 (subject to discussion with Indian authorities) Nadi, Fiji from December 7 Vancouver, Canada from December 18 Tokyo, Japan from December 19 Honolulu, United States from December 20 Johannesburg, South Africa from January 5 Phuket, Thailand (with Jetstar) from January 12 Bangkok, Thailand from January 14 What international flights are there from Melbourne? Singapore (with Jetstar) from December 18 What international flights are there from Darwin? Delhi, India (flight originates in Sydney) from December 6 (subject to discussion with Indian authorities) Singapore (with Jetstar) from December 16, 2021
  3. Austral Resources Australia Ltd (AR1) is an Australian copper focussed company that owns an operating copper oxide ore processing facility, the nearby Anthill Copper Project and highly prospective exploration tenure holdings. Austral is the holder of the following key suite of assets, located 120km north of Mount Isa, northwest Queensland: (a) The Mt Kelly heap leach and Solvent Extract & Electrowinning processing facility that produces LME Grade A copper cathode (99.99% copper metal); (b) A 150 person camp and facilities for staff and contractors; (c) The Anthill Project, an undeveloped, fully permitted, open pittable mine with a JORC Ore reserve of 5.06Mt @0.94% Cu or 47,500 contained tonnes of copper in oxide ore. Anthill is 45km by road from the Austral processing facility; and (d) A highly prospective 1,340km2 exploration tenure portfolio with a global Mineral Resource Estimate of 60Mt @0.70% Cu, or 423,000t of contained copper. Listing date 03 November 2021 12:00 PM AEDT ## Contact details https://www.australres.com/ Principal Activities Mineral exploration and production Issue Price AUD 0.20 Issue Type Ordinary Fully Paid Shares Security code AR1 Capital to be Raised $30,000,000 Expected offer close date 15 October 2021 Underwriter Not underwritten. Peloton Capital Pty Ltd (Lead Manager)
  4. OTW in a Trading Halt; ABB up 6%
  5. GME Resources Limited (GME) exploration and development company with nickel, cobalt and gold interests in Western Australia. GMEs primary focus is on the development of the NiWest Nickel Project in Western Australia. The company has been around for a while, whether in its current incarnation or not. Present market cap is $4million. There was a spike in the 2010 resource boom but nothing seemed to come of that. And from elsewhere: Now nickel is at 12 year highs, so when!!?!?!?
  6. now $4.24 has not really paused since August in its ascendency
  7. Ouch. Never touched it (and glad)
  8. ALI had a SPP recently. The upper amount, at which scaling back would likely apply, was $75million, but in the end applications from 2,460 shareholders were accepted, totalling $30,970,000. This is still an 8% lift in Market cap. There is plenty of opportunity in the investible universe for the manager to deploy new funds. But of course, the stags/ opportunists drove the price back a few cents closer to the $2.28 SPP price. The most recent NTA is $2.36 Infrastructure ... getting rich slowly
  9. selling continued. Day traders jumped (losses) . and others bailing. Dumped at open, mainly traded through the day at 7.2 to 7.3c but dumped at close, at 7.0c. ... 20% drop since the revision
  10. RLT held onto its gains ... $2.38 and closing on the high reached on the news
  11. LYK opened on the ASX at 33c, traded as high as 36c and as low as 30c on its first day.
  12. Lykos Metals Limited (LYK) was incorporated on 06 May 2021 and has agreed to acquire 100% of each of the Sockovac Project, the Sinjakovo Project and the Cajnice Project, all of which are located in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and which are summarised below: Sockovac Project: prospective for nickel, cobalt, copper, gold, silver, lead and zinc. The project was subject to historical drilling and surface exploration in the 1960s-1970s and more recent soil and rock chip sampling and reconnaissance in 2021. Sinjakovo Project: prospective for copper, cobalt, gold, iron, lead, silver and barite. The project was the subject of small-scale historical underground mining in the 19th century, with surface exploration in the mid-20th century and more recent soil and rock chip sampling and reconnaissance in 2021. Cajnice Project: prospective for copper, gold, lithium, rare earth elements, lead, zinc and silver. The project was subject to historical exploration in the mid-20th century and more recent rock chip sampling and reconnaissance in 2020-2021. The three projects have a long history of mineral discovery and extraction but remain almost completely unexplored by modern geological exploration methods. The historical data that has been collated by the Company’s management team points to significant exploration potential, in particular for the key battery metals needed for the worldwide energy transition, as well as precious and other base metals. Listing date .... 21 October 2021 Company contact details https://lykosmetals.com/ Principal Activities ..... Mineral exploration Issue Price .... AUD 0.20 Issue Type .... Ordinary Fully Paid Shares Security code ..... LYK Capital to be Raised ..... $12,000,000 Underwriter ...... Not underwritten. RFC Ambrian Limited (Lead Manager)
  13. Megaport registered $24.6 million in third quarter revenue, 8 per cent higher than the preceding period, and said longterm customer commitments had increased to a record level. .... SP is around record highs of June; as high as $18.30 yesterday and managing to stay close to $18 today.
  14. nipper


    Quarterly revenue: US$13.8billion ... Profit US$2.1billion The most impressive number in the third quarter earnings announcement was the Tesla gross margin from car making, which hit 28.8 per cent in the quarter (excluding regulatory credits it receives for making electric vehicles) ..... up a staggering 510 basis points over the past year. Falling costs as Tesla production scales up, and exploding demand; CFO Kirk Kirkhorn said it had been caught off guard by the broad shift to EVs, and simply could not increase production quick enough. Folks want to buy an electric car and folks want to buy a Tesla right now.
  15. ITM has hit the ASX today ..... opened at 22c and trading around thee 22c to 23c level. Also, and always hopeful, playing the Rare Earths angle at the Eyre Peninsula Kaolin project: • Test work of historical drilling from the Ethiopia Prospect confirms the potential for thick intervals of high purity kaolin at surface • Rare earth element indicator Cerium (Ce) is elevated in clay rich intervals, suggesting additional REE potential • Widespread REE and kaolin enriched host rocks point to broader potential • Resampling of 41 historical drill holes for REE and kaolin potential is underway, and results are due in late November 2021. Characteristics of REE IAC (Ion Adsorption Clays) : REEs are found in soils deposited after weathering of granitic and/or REE enriched source rocks • Occur primarily in China, but now being recognised globally. • Sometimes called laterite deposits • REE’s are adsorbed to kaolinite, halloysite and other clay minerals • Ore is relatively low-grade, generally only 0.05% to 0.5% REO (rare earth element oxides) • High heavy REE enriched, which are more valuable • Easily extractable REE can be highly profitable due to low extraction costs • REE’s leachable from clays with simple ammonium sulphate at room temperature
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