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  1. nipper


    James Marlay ( Livewire Markets ) : Simon, same question for you. Have you got a stock that you think is a candidate for an earnings upgrade that you can tell our readers about today? Simon Conn ( Investors Mutual ) : I think Orica is one that has been underestimated by the market. You have got a new management team who are driving a harder focus on the business. They have put the Minova business up for sale. They are selling land, so paying down debt, and refocusing the portfolio on some of their high quality mining technology. So, clearly mining prices have been good, and we are seeing that now come through with mining volumes. But also the other benefit they are receiving is a low Aussie dollar and a high gas price is driving beneficial pricing opportunities for their ammonium nitrate.
  2. James Marlay (Livewire Markets ). Okay. Roger, I am going to stay with you. We have asked each of you to nominate a company that you think is a strong candidate for an earnings upgrade. Roger, what have you got to pitch to us today? Roger Montgomery (M.I.M.) : Macquarie Telecom. We think the market does not appreciate how they make their money from selling their volume. They often sell a large part of their available power, if you like, at a lower price. But they can make just as much money .... they can actually double their revenue and their EBITDA .... from selling the last 10 per cent of the volume at 10 times what they sold the original 90 per cent for. I do not think that is widely appreciated. So, we have got valuation on the stock of over $100, and its recent weakness gives, I think, us and other people an opportunity to buy.
  3. James Marlay (Livewire Markets): Roger, staying with you, MNF Group, they had a bit of a patchy period, but the latest result came in really at the top end of expectations, and quite a bullish tone from management. Buy, hold or sell? James Marlay: All right. Simon, MyNetFone, are you a buy, hold, or sell? Or do you need the phone a friend?
  4. James Marlay (Livewire Markets): Now, Simon, we’re going to start with you. A relatively new name on the market, Australian Clinical Labs. IPO earlier this year, but it just delivered a great profit of above prospectus and an upgrade of 30 per cent. Is it a buy, hold or sell? James Marlay: Roger, Australian Clinical Labs, a buy, hold or a sell for you?
  5. FGR trying a change of strategy First Graphene gears for growth through new “market-maker” strategy Market-maker, not just market provider from 19c to 25c in last 5 days
  6. something suss about prior trading both companies, in Kenya, requested a pause in invoicing, one until it solves technical problems their end, and the other unwilling to remit to FCT until they get paid by end users. down 15% to 8.0c.
  7. nipper


    Day One for REP ... opened at $1.05 and now around $1.02 .... For a REIT, its valuation metrics are pretty well understood ..... At least there was a bit in it for IPO investors
  8. The has been a nice stag for ALV investors on the day of its IPO. The 25c shares opened at 37c and have held around or above this level for most of the first hours of trading. Now 39c
  9. And, as is often the case, after a bit of a surge in activity .... A capital raising by way of institutional placement and a Share Purchase Plan to all shareholders.
  10. Aussie Broadband 1Q FY22 trading update Highlights: 1Q overall broadband connections increased 11% and business broadband connections increased 13% on the previous quarter. 1Q mobile services increased 15% from the previous quarter, from 25,606 to 29,447 services. 1Q FY22 revenue grew 11.3% quarter on quarter (QoQ)1. Signed strategic fibre swap agreement with VicTrack. Commenced connecting services for our first white label customer. QoQ NBN CVC charges up 137% due to lockdowns, supporting the industry’s view that retailers are bearing an unfair share of the cost.
  11. Pentanet (5GG) has successfully launched GeForce NOW, NVIDIA's premiere cloud-based game streaming service, to an eager market of gamers across Australia and New Zealand. The premier cloud based game streaming service is now open for paying subscribers to experience the impressive visuals of real-time ray tracing streamed with RTX ON via GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet, using a vast variety of hardware options. Pentanet's Beta Play program commenced on 22 September 2021, with over 4.7 million minutes (9 years) played ahead of commercial launch. Over 20,000 Beta Players actively tested the service across more than 174,000 sessions.
  12. there was an interesting bit on Nickel in a larger article on potential M&A activity.
  13. while the ASX listed shares have been suspended for a long time, trading has continued on the London AIM market. But no longer the AIM trading has slipped as the deadline came closer. In Sept SO$ shares were 4p and recently changing hands for 2p. The market cap is now £16.53m A$30.7m at 2.025p 3.75c against £153m A$285m at the time of the May cash raising at A$0.35 18.8p. https://company-announcements.afr.com/asx/so4/8bde00d8-f10d-11eb-a4a8-aa3aec6feb6b.pdf The lenders are in a catch 22 position here as the company is bust if they walk away. If there are no buyers they lose everything. So it is likely that all loans will be restructured. The jaws are closing; production, the saviour, is meant to commence very soon; the Syndicated Facility Agreement is due to receive first interest payment at end of month. The positive news is indeterminate, whereas the obligations are set in stone. Expect the first next SO4 announcement to the ASX to be the big one. Current shareholders could be severely disadvantaged, however.
  14. Prophecy International is raising $7.7 million to grow its team to develop its key eMite and Snare products. Priced at 81¢ per share, the offer comes at a 14.8 per cent discount to the last traded price, and a 4.6 per cent discount to its five-day volume weighted average price. Having started out in the 1980s, Prophecy has evolved over the years from an accounting software company to a business that acquires software and helps teams to develop it. Its Snare product gathers and filters IT event data for critical security monitoring, analysis, auditing and archiving, while eMite is a dashboard for IT service management.
  15. rebuilding the SP, now $2.38 after the initial run on excitement earlier this year to 2.60 and then fall back to 1.50.
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