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  1. Spirit Q1 FY 22 – Resilient Revenues of $30.9M & Balance Sheet Strength • Q1 FY22 revenues of $30.9M up 98% YoY • Positive Underlying EBITDA2 of $2.0M achieved during lockdowns and seasonally slower quarter. In addition to the $2.0M, Spirit received $0.7M in NSW JobSaver payments due to lockdowns, which has been excluded from this market update • As at 20 October 2021, Spirit had cash of $12.3M and $7.0M available in its CBA debt facility ($19.3M in available capital to access). • Additionally, $5.1M of capital is being returned from the consumer asset divestment to be used to fund acquisitions, drive organic growth or to meet deferred acquisition payments. • Structural changes impacting businesses and employee experience accelerating out of COVID driving demand for digital workplace solutions: Cloud, MSP, Data and Cyber services. • In October, Spirit is already seeing the SMB market recover, with pent up sales demand expected to come through Q2 and across FY22 H2.
  2. Cooper Metals Limited (CPM) is a minerals exploration company that was incorporated on 02 February 2021 for the purpose of identifying, acquiring and developing prospective copper, gold and base metal assets throughout Australia. The Company has entered into the Acquisition Agreements pursuant to which the Company will acquire (subject to satisfaction of the conditions precedent): (a) an 85% interest in the Mt Isa East Project which comprises five granted Exploration Permits for Minerals covering a combined area of approximately 1,300 km2 in the Mount Isa district of north-west Queensland which are considered to be prospective for copper and gold; (b) a 100% interest in the Yamarna Gold Project which comprises two granted exploration licences covering a combined area of approximately 173 km2 in the Yamarna district of Western Australia, which are considered to be prospective for gold; and (c) a 100% interest in the Gooroo Gold Project which comprises one granted exploration licence covering an area of approximately 152 km2 in the Yalgoo Shire of the South Murchison District of Western Australia, which is considered to be prospective for gold and copper. Listing date 29 October 2021 12:30PM AEDT ## Contact details https://www.coopermetals.com.au/ Principal Activities Mineral exploration with a primary focus on identifying, exploring and developing copper and gold deposits in Queensland and Western Australia. Issue Price AUD 0.20 Issue Type Ordinary Fully Paid Shares Security code CPM Capital to be Raised $4,800,000 Expected offer close date 19 October 2021 Underwriter Not underwritten. Taylor Collison Limited (Lead Manager)
  3. nipper


    On 28 January, 2014, Core Services Group Limited (CRV) changed its name and ASX code to Valmec Limited (VMX). On 19 October, 2021, Valmec Limited (VMX) was removed from the ASX Official List in accordance with Listing Rule 17.11, following implementation of the scheme of arrangement between VMX and its shareholders in connection with the acquisition of all the issued capital in VMX by Altrad Australia Pty Ltd.
  4. ASX futures up 12 points or 0.1 per cent to 7396 AUD +0.6% to 75.19 US cents Bitcoin on bitstamp.net +3.5% to $US66,283.91 On Wall St: Dow +0.4% ; S&P 500 +0.4% ; Nasdaq -0.1% In New York: BHP -0.1% ; Rio -3.9% ; Atlassian -0.2% In Europe: Stoxx 50 +0.1% ; FTSE +0.1% ; CAC +0.5% ; DAX +0.1% Spot gold +0.9% to $US1784.89/oz Brent crude +0.4% to $US85.43 a barrel US oil +0.8% to $US83.64 a barrel Iron ore up US3¢ to $US124.07 a tonne 2 year yield: US 0.38% ; Australia 0.13% 5 year yield: US 1.15% ; Australia 1.18% 10 year yield: US 1.64% ; Australia 1.80% ; Germany -0.13%
  5. nearly 4 weeks late in making it to the boards ....... Day One on the ASX for ActivePort: opened at 20c, traded between 21c and 19.5c all day, which is where it ended up
  6. and a day later: On 20 October 2021 the directors of Salt Lake Potash Limited resolved that it together with other companies as set out below were insolvent or likely to become insolvent at some future time and that administrators should be appointed to the Companies. Salt Lake Potash Limited ACN 117 085 748 Australia Salt Lake Potash Pty Ltd, ACN 164 369 420 Irve Holdings Pty Ltd ACN 633 114 619 Two Lake Holdings Pty Ltd ACN 633 114 637 SO4 Fertiliser Holdings Pty Ltd ACN 633 114 628 Piper Preston Pty Ltd ACN 142 962 409 Irve Developments Pty Ltd ACN 634 354 215 Two Lake Developments Pty Ltd ACN 634 354 233 SO4 Fertiliser Developments Pty Ltd ACN 634 354 224 Notice is hereby given that Richard Tucker and Craig Shepard of KordaMentha were appointed as Receivers and Managers of each company in the Group on 20 October 2021 pursuant to security interests duly registered on the Personal Property Securities Register. -gonski
  7. nipper


    James Marlay ( Livewire Markets ) : Simon, same question for you. Have you got a stock that you think is a candidate for an earnings upgrade that you can tell our readers about today? Simon Conn ( Investors Mutual ) : I think Orica is one that has been underestimated by the market. You have got a new management team who are driving a harder focus on the business. They have put the Minova business up for sale. They are selling land, so paying down debt, and refocusing the portfolio on some of their high quality mining technology. So, clearly mining prices have been good, and we are seeing that now come through with mining volumes. But also the other benefit they are receiving is a low Aussie dollar and a high gas price is driving beneficial pricing opportunities for their ammonium nitrate.
  8. James Marlay (Livewire Markets ). Okay. Roger, I am going to stay with you. We have asked each of you to nominate a company that you think is a strong candidate for an earnings upgrade. Roger, what have you got to pitch to us today? Roger Montgomery (M.I.M.) : Macquarie Telecom. We think the market does not appreciate how they make their money from selling their volume. They often sell a large part of their available power, if you like, at a lower price. But they can make just as much money .... they can actually double their revenue and their EBITDA .... from selling the last 10 per cent of the volume at 10 times what they sold the original 90 per cent for. I do not think that is widely appreciated. So, we have got valuation on the stock of over $100, and its recent weakness gives, I think, us and other people an opportunity to buy.
  9. James Marlay (Livewire Markets): Roger, staying with you, MNF Group, they had a bit of a patchy period, but the latest result came in really at the top end of expectations, and quite a bullish tone from management. Buy, hold or sell? James Marlay: All right. Simon, MyNetFone, are you a buy, hold, or sell? Or do you need the phone a friend?
  10. James Marlay (Livewire Markets): Now, Simon, we’re going to start with you. A relatively new name on the market, Australian Clinical Labs. IPO earlier this year, but it just delivered a great profit of above prospectus and an upgrade of 30 per cent. Is it a buy, hold or sell? James Marlay: Roger, Australian Clinical Labs, a buy, hold or a sell for you?
  11. FGR trying a change of strategy First Graphene gears for growth through new “market-maker” strategy Market-maker, not just market provider from 19c to 25c in last 5 days
  12. something suss about prior trading both companies, in Kenya, requested a pause in invoicing, one until it solves technical problems their end, and the other unwilling to remit to FCT until they get paid by end users. down 15% to 8.0c.
  13. nipper


    Day One for REP ... opened at $1.05 and now around $1.02 .... For a REIT, its valuation metrics are pretty well understood ..... At least there was a bit in it for IPO investors
  14. The has been a nice stag for ALV investors on the day of its IPO. The 25c shares opened at 37c and have held around or above this level for most of the first hours of trading. Now 39c
  15. And, as is often the case, after a bit of a surge in activity .... A capital raising by way of institutional placement and a Share Purchase Plan to all shareholders.
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