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  1. It has been near 9 years since last posting on this Forum but Syrah graphite has my investment purely on the upcoming demand, SYR share price beaten down due to ramp up production cycle issues and product pricing. Spherical graphite is the apparent future with an anode plant in Vidalia for Syrah direct to the U.S.A. market planned for 2019. Graphite seems overlooked considering graphite is a large percentage of a battery minerals construct. Bought 6000 units at $2.70 with purchase evidence for any b.s. callers however my goal is to buy as close to the low as possible and will cut and buy again if rice seeks a new low. Syrah on top of production and moving toward profit will help immensely. In too soon? I don't know. Good day.
  2. Dunno what the thread agenda is here but rather than be alarmist about the subject, why not welcome the changes being introduced by the Government and do our own bit at home too. Obviously pollution is a major issue worldwide and any reduction from anywhere is all the more welcome. There is one advantage to blowing it out of proportion and that is it brings the subject to attention of more of the typical ignoramus` in society. Maybe that is the agenda.
  3. This is an e-mail address provided on the old "The Traders Shop" website. You could try e-mailing to locate the CD with the indictors you were looking for. support@wilsontechstats.com
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    Eircom have recommended that shareholders accept a takeover offer by STT Communications Ltd (STTC) and Emerald Communications (Cayman) SPC (ECC), Since this revelation there has been a return of capital to shareholders yet institutions are still buying the stock. (NAB, MLC, UBS) The present share price reflecting the cash offer. So what I don`t understand is why financial institutions are still buying up shares? The price is fixed at offer now.
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    MST still appearing on this forum!Stick with it.They all bottom out eventually. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wub.gif
  6. Much better spirited game.Thankyou India and Australia for a top quality game of cricket. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif
  7. The `best team` does not always win the game.Let`s not see the `whatever it takes` to win enter the Aussie game.
  8. Appealing when obviously "not out" disappointed me while playing and disappoints me to watch the Australian players do so. Bad sportsmanship Gilchrist.
  9. Since i was caught up high (i know why) then i`m going to give the geology a plug. QUOTE The Kujung III/II carbonates have moderate matrix porosity that has been enhanced locally by fracturing. The average porosity is 23 - 25 %. Average permeability is excellent (160 mD in Camar field). The Kujung I reefs exhibit good to excellent reservoir characteristics ( porosity 20 - 30 % and permeabilities up to 194 mD). In some places like the Madura Platform porosity is expected from repeated exposure on the crest of the old Madura Platform.
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    MEO is the ozzie gas stock of the future!Not 1 to 2 % royalty shite but full exposure to the inevitable (yes inevitable) gauranteed S.E. Asian market.No o`night returns sorry but a timely appearance will prove profitable. Lol and i don`t even have a financial interest.
  11. QUOTE The company has had the opportunity to study the drill cores before releasing them to be assayed. Hello http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif Rc drilling produces cuttings and not a core.
  12. There is one thing common to most financially wealthy folk and that is an air of contempt.
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    Hi hero...I checked out the Sunday Independant and found this little observation that is offHGR topic but offers some understanding (if true) of present world financial situations. QUOTE By Brendan Keenan Thursday August 23 2007 THE world is in the middle of the greatest economic boom in history, the Nobel laureate economist Robert Mundell said in Dublin last week. This may seem a strange way to start a column after a week which saw the worst financial market troubles since - well, in my view, since the 1970s. But hang about, there are connections between the two things. Prof Mundell was talking at a conference on the rise of China, to mark the launch of Ireland's first Confucius Institute, at UCD. (There are about 30 of these around the world, designed to promote Chinese culture and language learning). His point was that all the great economic centres - the USA, Europe and Asia - are growing strongly at the same time, and this has not happened before. One of the ducks was always out of line. http://www.independent.ie/business/radical...st-1064057.html
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    QUOTE (sky @ Saturday 01/09/07 02:24pm) I found this article regarding a Hawaiian workforce in February 2007.It notes about the efficacy and accuracy of saliva testing. QUOTE Laurence Lau, state Health Department deputy director, said saliva tests have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Also, they might not work for marijuana use, presenting a "false sense of security," he said. QUOTE Carl Linden of Diagnostic Laboratory Services and Clifford Wong of Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii cited many scientific and legal issues with saliva-testing devices. Linden urged that the bill be held until there are federal standards or scientific agreement on the efficacy of saliva tests. And this line bolded below will be what the company is hoping for with their FDA approval. QUOTE Among suggested changes, the agency asked that only FDA- or Health Department-approved test kits be used for drug screening and that a urine or blood specimen be collected within two hours after a positive saliva test and sent to a state-licensed laboratory for confirmation.
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    In reply to: master5 on Friday 31/08/07 12:18am Nice `anticipatory` rise in s.p. this afternoon.See how they run master5...http://www.clicksmilies.com/s1106/cool/cool-smiley-027.gif
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