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    I agree price is at bargain basement prices considering all the drilling that is being done at Hayes Creek as well as at Ngalia Basin. I am especially awaiting the drilling to start at Red Bore and their recently granted claim to the north of Red Bore. Also if Panoramic decide to mine Copernicus in the near future all will be falling into line. I find it hard to believe people are selling at this level considering the spectacular results obtained last year at Hayes Creek and believe there will be many more to come with the current round of drilling...All looking good for increase in SP once results begin filtering out. Have been a long term holder of this stock when they were originally only listed in Canada and have over the years been accumulating. If I had the funds I would continue to acculate but alas they are not currently available.
  2. In reply to: Financial Chatter on Friday 08/12/06 02:34pm A bit of interest finally. Boeing announcement should be out before xmas and this should cause another jump in share price. Company is looking very good for long term holders.
  3. In reply to: paulhart on Tuesday 29/11/05 08:31am Perhaps our patience is soon to be rewarded. Interest is starting to build.
  4. kelder2001


    In reply to: jaym on Monday 18/07/05 02:53pm i'm still following thx and looking forward to a big increase in share price. they are doing a lot of drilling ( 3 rigs ) so would expect some results to be announced on a fairly regular basis in the very near future. lionore their joint venture partner are going to drill 800m from their side of boundary at the copernicus deposit. if they hit nickel at that depth the sp could spike dramatically.
  5. kelder2001


    In reply to: Grebmoolb on Friday 04/02/05 03:29am Hi Greb You are a bit more confident than i am. Would probably get out around low 30's if it gets that high.. The US casino agreement should push EBT past resistance level at 18-19 cents and may lead to break out to low to mid 20's. Heres hoping.
  6. I've also heard a rumour of pending announcement. I believe it will be made in the next week or two. The SP has certainly dropped back so hoping the annoucement is positive and not the other way round.
  7. The new CEO flew to Seattle for some high level talks with Boeing executives on Sunday. Seems like Boeing are also quite interested in SMN technology. All pointers are heading in the right direction with this one.
  8. kelder2001


    In reply to: The_Muns on Thursday 20/05/04 08:43pm Seems STE are definately heading in the right direction. From reports they are now cashflow positive each month with a lot of blue sky for the future as their growth continues. With the announcement of development of fleet cards for fuel for their customers bottom line should continue to improve over the coming quarters.There appears more people are becoming aware of STE as the share price seems to be consolidating around the 14-15 cent region...A possible good return beckons with also a chance of a takeover in the not to distant future.
  9. kelder2001


    In reply to: JustinS007 on Tuesday 09/11/04 05:04pm Hi Justin My judgement on these is fairly similar to yours. I back more losers than winners. I been hearing some rumours about the float and am led to believe it will list with a premium. I have also been told that it will probably be over subscribed, but as you know these stories are not always accurate. If its any help I have subscibed for some shares in UKD but not anywhere to the extent of what I hold in THX. Hope i've been some help. Regards Kelder
  10. kelder2001


    In reply to: JustinS007 on Sunday 07/11/04 08:36am G'Day Justin. I've been a shareholder from the early days also when it was only listed in Canada. i've seen the ups & lows and still continue to hold. I agree there is plenty of upside on this one but a bit more info wouldn't hurt. There are some good reports on stockhouse if your interested. Regards Kelder.
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    In reply to: topic-starter on Monday 31/05/04 03:25pm Has anyone heard any news about this company..Annoucements seem few and far between. I'm led to believe Copernicus North has got the goods but Sally Malay seem reticent to pass on the results to the public. Regards Kelder
  12. In reply to: badahur on Wednesday 27/10/04 01:25am This company imo will become a very big earner for shareholders. They appear to almost have Airbus signed up for their A380 super jumbo and also their A350. If this deal is formalised huge ongoing payments should start to flow into SMN. The other blue sky I see is the interest from various military operators world wide. On top of this they are currently in discussions with Boeing. Everything seems to be going to plan at this point. Mind you I have been wrong before, but I'm on right track this time I hope. Regards Kelder
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