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  1. Have a long way to go to break even but at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel
  2. Me too, have watched today's movement with a dropped jaw. At the risk of appearing really stupid, what is going on? Have checked with ASX announcements etc and can find nothing to account for this incredible rise (may it continue tomorrow), but it certainly is welcome. Results may have been promising but this sort of rise?
  3. sally1


    I agree with you, at times I feel seasick with the movement of the vessel. I thought we were on the right road when Germany and France stepped in to the European situation but then, as you say, the Republicans decided they would wring every concession and off we went again. Good strong scotch called for, commonsense tells me that an agreement will be reached but the acrimony involved in the US politics makes you wonder if the child will break the toy rather than give it to the other side. If they get it sorted rather than plunging us headlong into stormy seas again I will provide canapes and champagne on the 3rd August.
  4. sally1


    Unfortunately I don't think the rough weather is over yet, but strong stomachs will (hopefully) prevail
  5. sally1


    Shame on you Cranswick - not title from here on in. Nasty I propose we turn this ship into a pleasure cruiser, I'll do the cooking, you do the bar and we will lift the operation to such heights that ex Captain Cranswick will be pleading to come aboard. Frodo you are on notice too, no more visits to the engine room till you tell us you are prepared to take over command.
  6. sally1


    This is why I ventured above decks, I have been stowed away in the hold since the vessel stopped at island 247. I had no intention of making my presence known as I was sure I would end up with all the cooking and washing chores but the need to vote for Nasty's inclusion on the board flushed me out. I've left a curry simmering in the galley just to prove I exist but I'm heading back to my hidey-hole now. Incidentally its amazing how much gossip you can hear when the forward hatch is open so just remember, if anyone comes looking, I know where all the dirty linen is stored. I have no intention of being made to walk the plank in the near future as I think we are sailing into tropical waters and I do love the sun.
  7. sally1


    and I wasn't swayed by his planking prowess (if you'll pardon the pun) he looks like Captain Cranswick has secured him with the cables
  8. sally1


    1 vote yes
  9. sally1


    Just received the call, as you say veeone it will be interesting for the directors if they take the time to listen to comments.
  10. sally1


    Definitely voting for change
  11. I think your fable was most appropriate xsmangos, pity the goose didn't learn to keep its bill closed but it might explain while it continues to churn out bile. I for one find it very tedious.
  12. meula your posts are becoming very tedious
  13. Just received app form for Thomson Resources any thoughts?
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