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  1. If you have been vaccinated you can still carry the virus and pass it on to other people that have not been vaccinated. The vaccination gives you a resistance to the virus and as such you do not get as sick. The number of hospitalisations drops considerably. The UK still has a fairly high transmission rate but the hospitalisations are about a tenth of what they were..
  2. The United States think it is safe Covid vaccine: US trial of AstraZeneca jab confirms safety https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56479462
  3. Eden's biggest share holder is TAS. They have some land in SA near Olympic dam. FMG are currently drilling on the Vulcan prospect....could be interesting
  4. I was thinking more about the nurse who refused.. I was being a little flippant about that. But with the roll out of the vaccine in the UK the medical staff have shown no reservations ...
  5. May be a Trump supporter The nurses and front line staff in the UK have shown no hesitation in having the vaccine so far
  6. Also the fact that he says that agriculture is the worst pollutant....who is going to grow his plant based foods if it is not agriculture..
  7. His first instalment fell a bit flat https://www.ccn.com/satoshi-nakamoto-bitcoi...veal-epic-fail/
  8. They might have some competition with POP Better PE ratio
  9. Market cap $5.1 billion Profit last year $100 million Hmmm
  10. Maybe another use for Graphene http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-39482342 A very useful one
  11. neilo3


    I am in the UK at the moment...Most English are disappointed that the press is making them out to be racist because it is about the immigration. It is more about the amount of money that is leaving the UK. Through contributions to the EU, through foreign workers working in the UK and sending their wages back to their home country,through babies being born in the Uk and then the parent going home and still getting child benefits. Also being told by the EU what they are allowed to import by the tariffs that are placed. Farage has quit to get his life back. Can only think that he has quit when the hard stuff has come about and that if it all goes bad then he can say that it wasn't his fault. If he is a leader he should have stayed to try and get the UK the best deal.
  12. Could give some good trades. It is only a referendum..If the vote is out it still has to go through the parliament where it might be vetoed. Then it has to go through the EU where it will be a transition that will be negotiated with deals happening on every front to see what they have to pay to get out.....this could take about 2-3 years...play the volatility.
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    I think that if they leave then the pound will take a hit but will recover after a short time as they realise it is not the end of the world
  14. They all different. Have a look at Bankwest e-saver
  15. Reckon Aussie dollar will bounce from here. Some good news
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