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  1. QUOTE (veeone @ Saturday 06/12/08 09:31am) While the candles remain green then the ST momentum and trend is up, so there is still a good chance to see this one test $2.85 or higher, I am not sure when this ST up move will end, i do know that once the candles reverse back to red then you would probably want to be looking to sell those longs or take a new short posistion like i plan on doing at some point http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif Either way it is looking good ATM to see more upside according to my chart, the DOW spike yesterday should help keep this ST momentum going for now!
  2. PDN is still holding that ST up trend for now on my chart, its back above that channel resistance after the close today, if she can hold this current ST path then we could see it still test $2.85, it would be good to see the DOW spike up tonight, should give it a nice push along, but who knows with the US! If this current channel break fails then it will be back to $1.90 we go, either way i am looking to short some more of this stock if it can move up a little, close to that resistance would be good or when my charts tell me this stock is turning down again, so far the ST momentum is still heading up ATM, nice to see it close higher than its open price and end the day flat, with the US down almost 300 points.!
  3. QUOTE (flower @ Thursday 04/12/08 08:42pm) This post is for watchmaker, posted it under the wrong person http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif lol we are here to make money, we are not here to fall in love with companies, buy a stock and hold it forever on a asumption that they will never fall in value, that is just pie in the sky stuff. The market is a place to make money, some like the LT and some like me like the ST gamble. Whether you are a short term trader or long long term investor makes no difference, its all a gamble in the end, however some like me gamble with low risk, like have stops, money managment, entry and exit rules and some out there buy something and have no idea why, but worst of all they have no clue where to sell. That sounds like an investor to me, its the investor who is taking the bigger gamble not the short term trader, time for people to get out of la la land and realise that the stock market is one giant casino, how you play the odds is up to you and i play to win both short and long!
  4. QUOTE (arty @ Thursday 04/12/08 07:30pm) yeah what a waste of time the short ban was, it is funny that the short bashers continue to blame us for the falling of stock prices, even though the XJO still dropped 30 odd percent while the ban was in place, i guess they only see what they want to, not to forget the declines we also had had in other world indicies of 30% or more. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
  5. QUOTE (arty @ Thursday 04/12/08 06:42pm) The problem with these market regulators such as ASIC the more they do the worse they make it, if they just did nothing at all, lets the covered and naked shorts do there job in the first place, allowed the market forces to work the way it was intended to, then pretty much we would not be in the current mess. The short ban acctually caused the market to fall more than it otherwise would have, it created instablility, removed liquidity and buyers, destroyed market sentiment, now most people have lost all confidence in the market and the market regulators, the damage has all ready been done. The same goes for the US governemt, the more they try to do the worse everything gets, it is amazing how these fools think that they can interfer with the natural workings of the market to make things better, no wonder the world is going down the drain. How hard is it to understand that all they had to do was nothing nothing at all, we would not be in the mess, yet they continue to stick there noses where it does not belong http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
  6. frmthefuture


    Chart wise the stock looks pretty much gone, would not buy this with a ten foot barge poll ATM unless you are a risk taker, i however are not when it come to trading. It looks like it will test 9c on the weekly chart, if that fails then back to 3.5c, but you would think if it was going back to those levels then its probably finished. I am not long or short, but would much prefer to see a ST rally so i could short some before its next leg down, good luck to those that are still brave enough to hold http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
  7. QUOTE (disco stu @ Thursday 04/12/08 04:49pm) The world is heading to the new era of hyper inflation not to forget that toilet paper will be worth more than the US dollar! AS for the XJO my current target is still 2700 and the DOW 7000 for now, but dont be suprised to see the XJO testing 1800 or lower and the DOW 4000 or lower, when you take that in to count the crash has not even begun yet! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif Just keep those shorts going, its going to be one long winding downward spiral that will eventually make the 1929 stock market crash look like a picnic in comparison to now, all i see a head for this market is one deep dark hole that leads to nowhere!!
  8. frmthefuture


    QUOTE (wolverine @ Wednesday 26/11/08 07:50pm) Yeah right they cant even predict where something is going in the short to medium term, yet we are all mean't to believe that they have the power to see 5 years into the future and can tell us that OSH will hit $7.21,that was the funniest thing i have ever read! You would hope that no one acctually takes them seriously, no wonder i hate brokers, anyhow i enjoyed that laugh, can you get some more of there 5 year projections http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
  9. frmthefuture


    According to my current daily chart this stock is about to get smashed hard, once it breaks back below 48.5c then you should see it head towards that ST support at 25c or lower, the question i ask i wonder if this stock will even survive for it to hit 25c, the chart certainly paints a very ordinary destiny for this stock. Well i said it was a good short between 60 and 70c the other day, it tested a little over 60c but could not not hold that ST uptrend and has continued on its merry way in the LT downtrend, i would be shorting it hard around this level if you missed shorting it around the the 60c level the other day, because once it breaks down breaks through that 48.5c support, it will be game over according to my charts! So one would really hope that 48.5c support holds on this stock, if it does well could see a little ST legs up, if not then you know the outcome, lets wait and see, i personally feel this stock will soon drop really hard through support overall!
  10. frmthefuture


    QUOTE (cranswick @ Wednesday 03/12/08 01:17pm) I would not pay to much attention to the directors buying, for example go back at look at the directors buying ABS , BNB, CNP etc they were also buying near there highs on some cases and look were they are now, the directors might think something is a good buy, however no matter what they think or how much they buy, will not change the outcome of the overall market sentiment. You can find that directors just like brokers get it wrong more times than right, however when the market says MMX has reached the bottom the chart will tell us, not the directors buying shares or not how many brokers tell us it will rise, because so far those brokers have been calling this wrong while i have been calling this right!
  11. QUOTE (veeone @ Wednesday 03/12/08 12:54pm) The reason why i have not gone long, like i said that is the TA in the ST in regards to this stock, however it is still in a long long long downtrend, i like to trade my ST in the same direction as my LT. All i am saying is the there in a potential for the stock to test $2.85 while the ST is up. The reason i will sit on the sidelines and wait for a shorting opportunity before i trade this one again, i just think the risks far outweighs the rewards, the reason why i wont be buying PDN, however while the momentum is building to the upside those that are long might see this one test those upper resistance levels and who knows how much higher..! I still think overall the stock will test much lower levels than it is now, of course if this stock has seen the bottom them it won't, but i will wait until my LT turns bullish before i jump back in on the long side, if that mean i miss buying the bottom then so be it. I would rather miss the bottom or top and wait until the overall trend tells me to get on. that is just me however, there are those that like to bottom and top fish each to out own!
  12. QUOTE (arty @ Monday 01/12/08 11:23am) Hi. PDN is looking bullish in the ST, it looks like there is a good chance that it may test that upper resistance around $2.85, PDN looks like it may be getting ready for a counter trend move in the ST up in the overall LT downtrend. It is not really something i would be going long on because it goes against my TA, buying something for a potential ST gain while the overall trend is still down, i much prefer to trade ST with in the LT trend both in the same direction, however the momemtum at this stage is certainly turend some what bullish. I will wait until i see this the ST trend reverse back down at which i will look to short again, see what happens http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
  13. DOW down 700, that is my point about buying something in LT downtrend, yes sometimes you can be lucky and catch the ST swings up, however overall its much safer to be shorting the ST rallies in a LT downtrend, rather than buying the ST rallies in a LT downtrend.
  14. In reply to: Brendan on Monday 01/12/08 03:54pm My system is just fine, dont tell me how to trade, i have been trading for a long time now, i have dozens of different trading systems, based on ST, MT, LT my strike rate on PDN is around 80% win and 20% loss, i have risk and rewards and money management in place before i enter a trade. I have dozens of different trading systems and time frames i use on many stocks, Like i said my last trade on PDN netted me around 60% profit on the short side, the loss this time does not come close to that profit. Dont talk to me about moving averages, my systems are a little more complex than just going long or short on a crossing of some MA. I dont follow anyone, i use my own systems, as for Arty yes he is good at TA also, however he also does not get them all right, this time so far his call on PDN has proven to be corect and mine wrong, but many of my previous PDN calls were spot on and as such made some good money. I think you need to stop going on about just this trade, this is just one example, there are many more PDN ones not to forget all my other corect calls that were right on the money, like Arty said sometimes you get it right and sometimes not, this time so far i was wrong, the last one right!
  15. In reply to: arty on Monday 01/12/08 11:23am good work http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
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