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  1. I am a pharmacist who previously owned, and now work as a locum. I was a long term Sigma supporter. In my travels I have worked for a couple of these majors and can confirm that they are indeed getting at least 6 months credit and special pricing. They don't even support Sigma generics, despite all other groups like Guardian or Amcal needing to hit certain guidelines about stocking Sigma products and support to get their much smaller extra discount. I guess it must have been tempting to offer Chemist Warehouse good terms when then were smaller but it seems to me to be a great example of "if you owe the bank $100K and can't pay you have a problem, if you owe the bank $100M and can't pay, they have a problem". My guess is that most Chemist Warehouse would be turning $5-10M pa so purchases from Sigma of $3-6M pa. So six months credit for $2.25M (purchases in 6 months) times 150 stores is a rather large number ($337.5M). If Sigma changed their terms and they couldn't pay, major problem. CW seem to be financing their growth from buying a rundown pharmacy for $2M, fitting it out, filling it with stock and suddenly Sigma's terms have "paid" for that purchase, until some time in the future when the pharmacy is sold. A bit like putting it on your Mastercard. Sigma has had problems since they paid too much for Arrow Pharmaceuticals and I guess they were getting desperate.


    In reply to: Pessimist on Friday 13/06/08 08:52am Any idea when trading starts again? Thanks
  3. In reply to: ballcrusher on Monday 24/09/07 09:49am And yet it goes up 9%. I don't understand, I Hold
  4. In reply to: worthind on Friday 17/08/07 11:00am As someone said on another board. Based on this reception YTD, you'd think we were only offering PI-88 to cancer patients with sub-prime credit. LOL.
  5. In reply to: PA2000 on Thursday 17/05/07 04:41pm For someone who has been in and out for about 3 years can anyone explain why it went above $12 ten years ago? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif


    In reply to: astoria on Wednesday 16/05/07 10:40am Seems like a Mexican stand off at the moment between buyers & sellers


    In reply to: Pessimist on Tuesday 15/05/07 09:45am Pessimist, I have the same quandry. I have been in and out and last bought when they were 27c and the news seemed good. Hard decision whether to average down or quit. Surely common sense says that it must go up with the good news of late. Good investing DRUGGIST
  8. In reply to: wralfnetiam on Thursday 19/04/07 09:42am Some days it is better not to watch. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/unsure.gif
  9. In reply to: mrmiyagi on Monday 16/04/07 07:42am Just as well they didn't find a cure for cancer, then they'd have to give the shares away. Shouldn't try to understand markets. A long term holder, Druggist


    Thanks Diana & Pessimist for explanation. Happy Easter Druggist


    In reply to: Pessimist on Thursday 05/04/07 02:05pm Not sure what the purpose of this notice is? Druggist
  12. In reply to: mrmiyagi on Monday 19/03/07 07:51am We have LIFTOFF!!!!!! Go you good thing
  13. I think we might be heading for $7.00 again. Here's hoping DRUGGIST
  14. In reply to: ManjiLad on Friday 31/03/06 12:39pm that coles bought a baby pharmacy chain in Sydney to play with ManjiLad, I haven't seen this, where did you get this information? Regards, Druggist
  15. In reply to: ShareScene.com on Wednesday 28/12/05 10:13am What is happening to the share price at the moment? Any ideas? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sad.gif
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