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  1. Hi EB, Don't agree with the bailed comment. I still believe QBE is undervalued and $20 is within easy reach.This stock got hammered unjustafiably IMHO. Farmer Fred also provided support that the stock has a lot of potential based on fundamentals and comparatives to peers. You no my style, I go for the stocks that are "beaten up". QBE fell into this category over a month ago and now MQG has received similar treatment in the last week. Both have solid core busineses that will continue to perform. MQG has a habit of announcing bad news to the market and then coming out with some positive news. Guess it is in the interest of management compensation to see a higher share price.
  2. G'day EB, Long time between drinks. How are you? Beat you on QBE got in at 16.27. Ha ha. Made a decision to exit QBE and switch to MQG a few days ago. Think you're right $20 is within easy reach.
  3. Balance, Another interpretation is that they don't see the current profit levels continuing, otherwise the board would have a fiduciary duty to cut dividends. The fact that they maintain dividends may indicate they see the current results as abnormal or alternately not a sign of the long term profit trend for industry. I guess only time will answer this one.
  4. Hi Wolv, Long time since I've posted, but could not help myself today and jumped into QBE. I find it hard to believe that at the low point of the GFC QBE hit around the $15 level and today it closed at $16.43 on a PE of 9.3. A rapid fall from over $25 around 4 months ago. Don't believe there is much downside left in this baby.
  5. Hi EB, Welcome back. Missed Ya! MM
  6. Arty, Isn't it amazing the difference a few days can make. It was all red everywhere a week ago and now it's all green.
  7. Looks like the FTSE is going to have a good trading session as well. FTSE to open higher
  8. Thanks Blueice. It looks like both Singapore and H.K. see things differently to us here in Oz. Both markets moving ahead quite strongly.
  9. Hang Seng now up 323 +1.5%. What's in store for Europe tonight?
  10. Hong Kong has no hangover. Heng Seng now up 200 points or 1%.
  11. On a shocking day yesterday, ANZ had a higher low and a higher high than the previous day closing only 1 cent down.
  12. Hi Nightshifter, I bought ANZ yesterday too. Many buying opportunities on the plate including NAB, WPL and AWC so couldn't help myself and went long. Good luck today.
  13. I gave up using IE due to on going crashes and have also been using Firefox (for over a year now). I've never experienced a lockup or crash using FF. Mark M
  14. What is the difference between a gambler and a succesful trader If you get it right and make money on a trade your are a successful trader. If you get it wrong and lose money on a trade you are a gambler. That's life! Mark M
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