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  1. Hi Share Scene members. Would any of you own shares in IFL (IOOF)? The share price is going down every day, without any particular news or any trade warning. Would you have any idea WHY??? Any idea will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Nipper, I couldn't agree more. So many promises, so many disappointments. Shareholders money are financing directors' lifestyle - as it has happened so many times with so many companies.
  3. Melua, do you still like RGS????
  4. Are there any ORG holders here on SC? Would appreciate very much some comments and thoughts about their new cash raising by offering shareholders a share @$4.00 (4 for 7shares held).
  5. Org is reporting a preliminary figures tomorrow. The the sp is up after being smashed for many days. Just wonder what the reason is? Has there been a leakage and the report will be OK? Are there any holders of ORG still here???
  6. daggie


    Not much discussion about AHG. I have been looking at the company, like what I see, there may be a little caution required with reference to their refrigeration arm. Unfortunately cannot find much info about it. Any other opinions or thoughts?
  7. J. Rickards talked mainly about unsustainable level of US debt, about slowing economy, how W.Buffett is holding piles of cash and a possible crash in just about 6 months. So, there you go - be aware.
  8. I have just listened to a frightening interview with Jim Rickards . I have never heard of him before. I just wonder if Mark (Kahuna 1) has ever heard his name and if yes, what is his opinion about him. In fact, if anyone from SC knows Jim Rickards and his books, his predictions, I would be interested in reading your thoughts and opinions.
  9. The consensus of 6 analysts on FN Arena has a target price of $5.79 - all quoting that TLS is very overpriced, yet you have bought more shares. What is your reason, if I may ask? I was thinking of buying a few, but got worried about the price.
  10. daggie


    Is there no interest in WLL? Looks very good, good divvy, I am thinking of buying a few shares.
  11. Not much noise on AMA site. Are there any holders at all ???? Interested in your opinion and thoughts.
  12. daggie


    Nathan, have you managed to recover any money ?
  13. daggie


    Please Krisb. give me one good, single reason why do you expect QRX to rally.
  14. Holders - do you have any fresh opinions about RGS and the sp?
  15. I hope you are right - sp down today by 6c.
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