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  1. How much additional money can we extract from the 1% that the Occupiers are complaining about? Could we round these people up and put them on a farm and milk their earnings each morning? As for raising the retirement age, I dont want an 80 yr old driving my bus or flying my plane thank you very much.
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    The Koreas is the flavour of the month... clip of our favourite democratic people's republic...
  3. Gee I got this one wrong. I thought Longtom production being suspended over the peak winter season would hurt the shareprice yet its gone the other way in a big way.
  4. Um, did they take a wrong turn or something? Whats at San Bruno?
  5. Gillard cant go nuts with the RPT because the indies will keep her honest in the lower house.
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    Have to laugh Wolve. I thought there was a typo when I first saw that number. Crazy.
  7. Hmm, putting party ideology aside for one moment... Katter wants NBN and is anti a lot of things the Howard Govt did previously, Oakeshott wants an ETS and NBN and Windsor said he'd go with the party that provides the most stable govt (how can the Coalition provide a stable govt with a Greens/ALP Senate?). ALP has the inside running on NBN & an ETS... Maybe those electorates wont mind their MPs dealing with the devil.... so long as they bring back a bag of goodies.
  8. The ALP would probably have to promise to axe the tax (I am a poet) to get a couple of those loose cannon (Katter ) independants on side. The single Greenie wont be happy but thats life in the big city. Coalition or ALP, to me, the tax appears to be dead either way.
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    I've never fully understood why an exploration company would undertake frequent buyback schemes.
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    Yup the board has surrendered on the cheap. Better than nothing I suppose given how long MOS has been an under-performer.
  11. I dont care about politics but making big mistakes is not unique to governments. What about the fabulous RIO management in the past couple of years and BHP management teams on various projects of yesteryear... an increase in a tax imposts is just one of many speed bumps mining companies need to deal with...
  12. Its only a matter of time before other countries crank up royalties/taxes on mining. Many of these countries are far worse off than we are fiscally speaking. We can already see budget pressures resulting in countries like the USA clamping down on cross border tax avoidance, for example. Rudd's biggest mistake is he jumped the gun on the RRT. Should have left it until after the next election.
  13. Hi, Can someone tell me why the Govt has chosen to target the mining industry, as opposed to, say, the banking industry? Did they think there were less superannuants holding mining shares compared to banks, so less overall fallout??
  14. Does this make the US a sovereign risk to the oil industry? Will BHP complain? They can run but they cant hide. http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-busin...00529-wltn.html
  15. Do The Australian readers reflect the average person on the street or just shareholders with vested interests?
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