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  1. The only thing this government (USA) is vigilant about is if President Obama lowers the flag to half-staff (which in this recent case would require an Executive Order... and didn't the other side just scream about him being a dictator by using EOs ?) As for other things that don't generate media sound bites in attempts to sway the electorate in their own party's favor ? Good luck on that.
  2. ... and in other news, Warren Buffet picks nose and flicks it across the conference table, Berkshire Hathaway ticks up $500 during normal trading.
  3. Fed up people probably offloading after watching the action for the last 5 months. If CUV gains any ground and closes anywhere north of $3.10, then anyone who wants out of CLVLY knows to sell because that will be the best price they will see for awhile on the open of US trading. They sell at market and the huge spread quickly brings the ADR down. They are out and probably on to better things in the short term and we are left holding the bag for promises of something that might happen years down the road. That's what I would do if I weren't such a pus_y... afraid to be out of this and it suddenly pops for whatever reason, but I've been thinking that for years.... many, many years.
  4. CUV already had a few of those unexplained runups. Still kicking myself for not selling early in 2008 and this last September (well Sept was explainable). Could have paid off everything and bought back in with the same number of shares I have now, actually a lot more, then it wouldn't bother me to watch this bounce endlessly around the $3 AUS mark. I rarely if ever talk about this stock to anyone in fear of jinxing it, but my wife asked about it right after approval (before the rapid drift back down when my nut was almost double what it is today), and I said "I think our life is going to change for the better financially". Then someone pushed the 'Down' button for the CUV elevator. But really if it can run like that for no reason, why can't it run WITH a reason? Many reasons now. EPP approval and what looks to be way out in front as the most promising vitiligo conjunctive ever, and a powerful panacea for a laundry list of other conditions. I guess it's all timing, and PW despite me still having faith in him and his crew, have continuously shown they don't view timelines to be very important, so anyone that is on to this company knows they have a better chance to use their money elsewhere for profits in the near term. Sorry, this post is just a rehash of points brought up over and over, just whining as usual since my finances are in the dumps as am I.
  5. Yeah really strange.... something is up ?
  6. Post noon and not a single trade in CUV on the ASX ?
  7. I'm thinking I will have to call it quits if the sp falls below $2.50. On one hand there will be those that say that would be a great buying opportunity but I have heard so many 'great buy opportunities', yet where are we? Fortune favors the brave... but I'm about to drop my rifle and run. Awww just kidding, I'm here fore the long haul no matter what.
  8. Up 9 cents Down 16 cents UP2 cents Down 26 Up 46 immediately down again '1 share and down20 some odd cents what game is being played here ?
  9. Just fantasying here again. Say there are some modest revenues on EPP alone reported sometime in early '16 along with some solidified market sentiment on vitiligo by the big boys (trials will be further along and inevitably positive).... i'd wager a bid by a big pharma of $20 ~ 30 per share. Just wishful thinking and please don't be pulled into my musings....I'm just a dreamer.
  10. So many here keep looking to Retrophin's stance on CUV as a definitive commentary. A seemingly reckless company with lots of drama. What about all the other large investors ? There have been multiple rounds of fund raising that went off without a hitch, and individuals with massive wealth that are vested in this, are all these entities with millions at their disposal as dumb as us who are being swayed to think this is going nowhere now ? I would hope not.
  11. Yep, CUV should just hang it up now. Sell everything while you can.
  12. Good post, but not sure if Retro's stance is a definitive commentary on the sp.
  13. This Jonathan I. Silverberg, MD, is another example of why we can't realize any gains. Overwhelming results for vitiligo re-pigmentation, yet he caveats those results and sheds doubt in contrast to 'real world results'. Huh ? "Real world results", WTF? So many drugs on the market with very limited to almost nil efficacy for cancer, depression, bi-polar disorders, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc., etc., and all with at least two pages of warnings/disclaimers, and yet here we are endlessly rubbing a worry stone over and over about our totally safe and effective afamelanotide. I wonder if the good Dr. Silverberg has a side bet on CUV and buying on the low side.
  14. That's what I have to believe also. The seemingly almost purposed strategy of keeping Clinuvel slightly under the radar may be [very] necessary at this point. We've already just seen a few posts back with that link to another dermatology expert trying to poke holes in the combination therapy of Scenesse and NB-UVB in Fitz I-III for vitiligo as being counterproductive due to "contrast between the lesioned and non-affected" areas, while even admitting there are currently no good therapies for vitiligo (true that even CUV has steered away from treating Fitz I-III vitiligo patients, but probably for reasons that aren't readily apparent... see the paragraph after next). Also we went through this during the Epitan days with the tanning bed industry... it's a threat to them and therefore subject to attack. When you threaten someone's rice bowl, don't expect a big welcoming hug. The opposing team will find anything they can to discredit the other side, fair or not, and walk away whistling. Point being... the patient base and market for Scenesse has to be grown sufficiently and organically to a point (EPP) to where it has a solid reputation that cannot be trivialized or refuted. Then the rest of the dominoes will fall ! We are getting there, and PW is the one that is standing those dominoes up one behind the other... just waiting for the moment the first one gets knocked over (well it sort of has already with the EMA approval... it just looks like slow motion to us).
  15. Even if it was an issue, the melanocytes would be restored in the vitiligo patches and the melanin should even out over time.
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