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    Obviously a failure by ANZ Securities to update their database then. It doesn't show up on the ASX or in commsec.
  2. gjh


    I've no idea. I can't see it quoted anywhere. Where are you seeing it?
  3. gjh


    Are you aware that they have changed their name to Opthea (code OPT)?
  4. ANZ's Progress Saver rate is 2.51% with interest paid monthly. However, you need to contribute at least $10 a month and not make any withdrawals, otherwise the rate is just 0.01%.
  5. A couple of analysts have had consistent sells on QBE: Brett Le Mesurier from BBY and Jan van der Shalk from CLSA but you would have needed to have read the newspapers closely to have noticed them. We small fry investors don't generally get access to research from the likes of them. The latest interest rate cut is another dagger through the heart of QBE but is not enough to account for the latest plunge. I smell a capital raising.
  6. gjh


    APA's dividend is well covered by operating cash flow. Their reported profit is lower than their actual operating one due to high levels of depreciation.
  7. In a recapitalisation they will sell millions of new shares to raise the new equity capital, enormously diluting existing holdings even if those existing shares have not been officially declared worthless.
  8. Existing shareholders are often wiped out, or at least so heavily diluted it is effectively the same thing, following a restructure and recapitalisation.
  9. One thing to bear in mind is that if it goes into administration, you can't declare a capital loss on the shares until the administrator advises that it is all over and the shareholders are getting whatever amount (usually nothing). This can take years. A possible out is that there is at least one company (unfortunately I have forgotten its name) that purchases such dud shares off-market for a nominal amount (i.e. 0.01 cents or thereabouts), with a fee that you pay to them. Then you can claim your capital loss.
  10. There is a report in today's Fin Review that a foreign company is looking at them with respect to a bid - hence the share price appreciation over the past couple of days.
  11. I would definitely be interested in that newsletter.
  12. There are suggestions that another financial crisis is on the way due to a crash in US commercial property values.
  13. gjh


    Interesting. I was having the same problems with their new billing system about 18 months ago but it has long since settled down. Mine is a Victorian electricty account, what's yours? And as for AGK having been in need of a capital raising, I doubt it; they are pretty well cashed up after asset sales a few months ago.
  14. Our collapse in exports starts next financial year when the new prices for iron ore and coal take effect.
  15. gjh


    It won't take long for CSL to come up with a vaccine now that they have a sample of the flu strain - that's a pretty trivial exercise for them. It will, however, take several weeks to get supplies manufactured and rolled out.
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