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    In reply to: trade4profit on Tuesday 03/06/08 09:10am only takes a group of players with a sizable block of shares to create sentiment no insto support helps their cause - the sooner smyth can get instos on board , the better for long termers gotta laugh that only a handful of shares has supposedly filled the 15c gap
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    hi all any chartists out there who might confirm that we have an upward trend on SDL?
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    In reply to: balance on Wednesday 19/03/08 04:46pm "The NSW "test team" brings home the silverware' just shows the depth in nsw cricket with so many of their players missing for most of the season due to international duties soon to have another couple of test players by the looks of it when will our nursery stop being plundered - http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif jeez - we even had to give gilly away ok, ok, we have imported a couple - http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif
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    In reply to: theadder on Wednesday 19/03/08 02:49pm mexicans can now limp back over the border all out for 370 strong nsw bowling attack set this one up after their modest first innings
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    blues on the verge of lifting sheffield shield with a substantial victory - even tho' only a draw necessary http://www.livenews.com.au/Portals/Sport/Cricket
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    ASX / MEDIA RELEASE March 4, 2008 Angolan Oil Permits CityView Corporation Limited (?CityView?) advises that it has concluded agreements for the acquisition of interests in oil permits in Angola in the following categories. A. Existing Offshore Oil Permits Participation in four offshore blocks have been offered to CityView under terms which are prescribed confidential. This offer is larger than what CityView has been anticipating. Each of the blocks is currently being checked by CityView?s technical team before acceptance commitment. B. Current Licensing Round The licensing round comprises seven offshore blocks, one South Cabinda onshore block and two Kwanza Basin onshore blocks. CityView will be participating in this licensing round through powerful Angolan groups, who are pre-qualified for the tenders. Timing is understood to be now deferred until year-end after the parliamentary elections. C. Onshore Kwanza Basin Blocks The remaining onshore Kwanza Basin blocks are being reserved for Angolan companies. CityView will gain access to the blocks through the agreements it has negotiated with its Angolan co-venturers. CityView will also be actively involved in determining which blocks to focus on for acquisition. Mark Smyth Chief Executive Officer
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    In reply to: justintime on Monday 03/03/08 03:21pm yesterday's run wasn't over done - a good sign for me http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
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    In reply to: macrae on Saturday 23/02/08 12:20pm i think the term you may be looking for is 'spruikers'
  9. In reply to: Birdbeak on Sunday 17/02/08 02:05pm hi birdbeak - at least ya coulda highlighted the header http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif Brisbane-based minerals explorer, Diatreme Resources Ltd, has announced a potential billion-dollar discovery of zircon at the company's Cyclone Prospect in the Eucla Basin in Western Australia with speccies being punished in this market, this one would have to be considered an absolute steal at current sp - and yes, an investment with what we know already, they should be considered as one of the bigger heavy minerals players in the near future - let's not forget other projects, gold, copper etc extensive drilling program this year should put the icing on the cake - always good to have cash in the bank it's about time they started to promote themselves properly after last years fiasco with shareholders she's a hold for medium term at least - ridiculous sp, really - their own fault tho', to a large degree
  10. In reply to: Luke on Wednesday 13/02/08 09:30am good news factored in & profit takers
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    Kevin Andrusiak | February 02, 2008 THE Australian Federal Police raid on the office of Findlay Securities and two of its senior staff have cast further doubt on its work in backing the Fairstar Resources all-scrip bid for Golden West. AFP officers are believed to have seized computers and documents from Findlays and the homes of director Robin Armstrong and senior trader Jeremy Slater on Thursday amid market rumours that the police will look at their share trading in both companies. Fairstar, led by quarry manager Kevin Robertson, has been rejected numerous times by Golden West. It says the all-scrip offer of seven Fairstar shares for one Golden West share is inadequate. Golden West, chaired by iron ore industry doyen Geoff Wedlock, controls the lucrative Wiluna West iron ore project in the WA outback and shares a similar share register with Fairstar and adjoining offices in Perth. Both companies have similar share registers and office space in Perth and have been backed by Kalgoorlie driller John Doutch. A further complication this week was the surprise revelation by Golden West major shareholder Dubai-based Falak Holdings that it had "accidentally" sold its 8 per cent stake into the Fairstar bid, which took Fairstar to a holding of 33 per cent. Falak had promised it opposed the bid and had initiated an extraordinary general meeting to remove three Golden West directors: Con Markopoulos, Alan Rudd and Mick Wilson. The meeting was originally scheduled for Tuesday but was been postponed to February 19 when Golden West won its application to the Takeovers Panel to investigate the share transfer. Falak has instructed lawyers to seek the return of the shares from Fairstar ahead of the meeting. Neither Mr Markopoulos nor Mr Wilson returned calls from The Weekend Australian and Mr Rudd, who is also on the Fairstar board, could not be contacted for comment. It is understood, however, that Mr Markopoulos recently met Falak representatives in Dubai and was accompanied by Matt Tomas, a business partner of Melbourne underworld figure Dominic (Mick) Gatto. The raid on the Findlay offices added to doubts about its backing of Fairstar's bid, which has been weighed down by funding issues. Mr Armstrong declined to comment last night. Findlay had promised to underwrite the bid before recent falls on the Australian share market triggered a get-out clause. It is unclear if Findlay has decided to walk away, and Fairstar managing director Kevin Robertson confused the issue further on Thursday when he said the Fairstar board believed the underwriting obligations were still in play. However, he told the Australian Securities Exchange, "Fairstar understands that Findlay does not support this view". Through a third party, Mr Robertson said yesterday that he believed Findlay would meet its obligations. Fairstar would need to raise upwards of $40 million to complete the deal, well above its current market capitalisation of $30 million, while Findlay is desperate to receive the generous fees attached to the deal. Golden West and its advisers are believed to have made new approaches, without response, to Fairstar to clear up the funding arrangements, and may make a third application to the Takeovers Panel to resolve the issue. Fairstar posted a loss of $1.85 million for the six months to the end of December and is burning cash at the rate of $1 million every three months to fund the takeover bid. According to its latest quarterly announcement, Fairstar expects to spend $500,000 exploring its various tenements in the current quarter. Its bank balance stood at $1.47 million on January 1. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story...037-643,00.html
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    In reply to: balance on Saturday 26/01/08 08:45pm gilchrist epitomised the style of cricket that australia has played in nore recent times talented natural player who has brought many a cricket lover much pleasure 'have a go ya mug' would not be a phrase one would hear when he came to play http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif i don't think his heart has been in it for a few games, so probably a sensible move on his part
  13. fatsoh


    btw - gilchrist to retire after this match
  14. fatsoh


    some higher order indian batsmen got themselves out in the first dig with very unnescessary shots - australia didn't deserve to even get as close as they did, imo australia underperformed & tactics that didn't work - eg clarke should have opened the bowling with lee forgetting all the drama of umps decisions, india played by far the better cricket in this one australia to resume their domination in the next one - if they play their cards correctly
  15. fatsoh


    what was gilchrist thinking? the delivery that got him was way too full & close to him for a sweep shot - he didn't appear to have noticed that sehwag was bowling offies either another wicket as i type - game over, realistically and congrats to india
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