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  1. It isn't Solagran anymore so new code would have applied if we ever relist. LOL Pendragon, have you adjusted your holding for the 12 to 1 consolidation? You can check your holding if you have a Computershare login I sent a polite enquiry to Vag, via the website, a few month ago, no response! Rod
  2. AGM is 2pm today. If anybody is going, us interstate shareholders would appreciate a brief update. Thanks in advance Rod
  3. Thanks Nerk. My "Say Thanks" button not working. Were there many at the AGM? Hopefully others will be able to give us interstaters some feed back. Thanks again Rod
  4. I'd assumed it's be taken from the magic ingredient - poly prenol. No idea on the ica. I'm sure it will be explained at the EGM Rod
  5. its a bit hard to suspend an unlisted private company
  6. "the fact is this entire industry is about to be rationalized" Plastic I presume you are talking about Russia I missed that announcement, can you please supply a link? I occassionally browse the BLT thread, where you post regularly. Are your regular takeover or rationalization predictions ever accurate? Regards Rod
  7. Rod


    Clever advert, suprised they didn't notice the flaw in their logic. If you use a computer etc, it creates polution because it's run by polluting electricty production, but if you plug an electric car into a power point magically the production of electricity for the cars use dosen't create pollution. Mind you, French logic is often a little difficult to follow Rod
  8. "15:20 The role of the new combined hepatoprotector chronic liver disease Lahin VV (Voronezh)" Wonder if they will be getting a double dose of Ropren, isn't it a hepatoprotector? Rod
  9. Learn Chinese in 5 minutes! (say it out loud) 1. Thats not right (Sum Ting Wong) 2. See me ASAP (Kum Hia Nao) 3. Small horse (Tai Ni Po Ni) 4. You need a facelift (Chin tu fat) 5. I thought you were on a diet (Wai Yu Mun Ching) 6. He's cleaning the car (Wa Shing Ka) 7. Your body odour is offensive (Yu Stin Ki Pu) 8. This is a tow away zone (No Pah King) 9. Great! (Fa Kin Su Pah)
  10. gppm ASX computer couldn't cope if all shares opened at same time, so they are staggered over a 10minute gap, in alphabetical order. S is part of group 5. The message was just letting you know that the trading halt had been lifted and shares would trade from their normal starting time. Rod
  11. L1 Leo must have cashed out of the Bejjal super fund. Bejjal Pty Ltd is trustee of the fund. APRA rules require that, if a company trustee, all members must be directors of the company & all directors must be members of the fund. If not company trustee, all members must be trustees of the fund & all trustees must be members of fund. I wonder ASX and the BPO auditor will look closely at any changes in holdings. Rod
  12. Rod


    You could be right. I wonder if anyone noticed him laughing during the trial. I would have expected that to have made the papers.
  13. Rod


    Even allowing that judge Jacobsen will have other cases running and he may be a very slow typist, if he has taken 7 months and not handed down a decision, my guess he is not trying to work out who won, but how much compensation the plaintiff gets.
  14. Oops, I've just realised that DA was signed in August 07, but Charlie didn't become director until 2008, however When BPO announced the heads of agreement on 16 April 2007 they stated at point 5: "All of Solagran’s Bioeffectivesare obtained from a patented extraction process – the feedstock source for which is the green foliage from plantation timber felled in the course of commercial forestry production. This provides a virtually unlimited supply of low cost materials." Seems they had been advised of the patent status Rod
  15. I doubt BPO can argue that they didn't know that SLA had a patented extraction method and not a patent on CGNC, they only had to ask their director, Charlie Pelligrino, who was a former SLA director. From my memory of corporate law, if a director knows something, the company also knows it. They can't claim that a statement deceived them if they knew that the statement was wrong. Rod
  16. SR Sorry, I missed the highlighted bit. Thanks. As for the rest of your post, I couldn't agree more! Rod
  17. Gromit In May 09 BPO purchased ReGen, the main ingredient of their products is emu oil. Nothing to do with Bio A Rod
  18. Rod


    Sorry orangeguy, it is the contract date, which is when you accept the offer. Even though the offer is still conditional, it is the acceptance date, so if you want to shift gains into next year wait til after 1 July before accepting. Make sure you keep a photocopy of signed dated acceptance, just in case you are checked. Rod
  19. Although they both come from Eurasia 2009, they appear to be different awards, as both the trophies & certificates are different We could be losing something in the translation Rod
  20. or maybe ANZ re Opes or maybe another chat site re libel by posters Rod
  21. gppm I think you are right. I copied the py6 into a couple of other translators, they both said rub, which i assume is short for ruble Thanks for setting us right and shattering our dreams. LOL Rod
  22. Alethia Sorry, I can't seem to copy and paste translations either Rod
  23. AttMarket Google translate says the price is in USD Rod
  24. Hi BSA Wrong day,look at the 10th Rod
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