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  1. I thought that 38 Fib. level on Daily may have been support EB. Never looked like reaching it. Not a bad bounce.
  2. I took a short on AUDUSD, More than one way to skin a cat EB. Divergence also showed on AUDJPY. on 4H.I see your guys would have entered the same short trade on AUDJPY, but for different reasons.Take Profit would be around the 83.180s, or Trail your Stops.
  3. 7095, Almost touched that high EB. Divergence did form and showed an entry on 4H chart.It didn't trigger a trade on the previous setup on 14th.April on 4H. You would think another test of 7100 at some point. No idea where this support is. May be6870s. Would have to see how todays Daily candle ends, so that's tomorrow morning.
  4. If Divergence forms on 4H, there may be a pullback before a push to 7100s.
  5. Looks like a shot at 7100s some time soon EB. Back to the closing high before the Virus. Weekly Chart.
  6. Well that's a jumbled mess. Tried to edit but gave up. Anyone trading with leverage would have been aware by now.
  7. MARKETS. Current maximum New maximum Leverage. Leverage. Major Forex 1:500 1:30 Minor Forex 1:500 1:20 Major Indices 1:200 1:20 Gold 1:500 1:20 Commodities 1:100 1:10 Shares 1:20 1:5 Cryptos 1:5 1:2 New Leverage levels from 29th March for Australia, Unless running a Pro Account, easy to open with most Brokers,I would recommend closing all trades by Friday 26th as Margin will increase and if your Account is not adequately FUNDED, open positions may be closed. Typically, required margin on 1 Lot AUDUSD will go to AUD $3,333
  8. Daily needs a close below those tails before a push down to possible sup at 6520s.RSI on daily below 50 and below 20MA. Need a close above these levels for longs.I'm only trading AUD pairs at the moment much easier.
  9. Big breakout of sideways movement EB. Faster moving RSI[10] on H4 seems to be in overbought but would not pay too much attention to that at the moment.
  10. EB.... you would think it would test last weeks high of 6830s at some stage. Risky Long trade now as it may also test back to support at 6750s. Daily Fib might be worth watching. Scalper likely take a large position on long up to Res.
  11. cooderman


    They also might be thinking " Life is a bitch when reality pays a visit."
  12. DRIVING THE DAY. "Gold prices were instead focused on the curious state of current market psychology; much attention has been paid to the army of retail traders who have been attempting to bid up hedge-fund shorted stock prices in order to essentially enrich themselves by forcing a short-squeeze. With retail brokerages struggling to manage the volatility and placing restrictions on retail traders ability to trade their favourite stocks (the more cynical amongst us suspect this may have been coordinated with the hedge funds), attention began to turn to other assets that the retail traders could pump. A post on the popular with retail trader subreddit WallStreetBets that went viral urged retail investors to force a short-squeeze in silver and, shortly before the US cash open, silver prices rocketed (and, indeed, as still substantially higher on the day). Gold saw upside in tandem. Perhaps traders realised that, if the power that be won't allow a short-squeeze to occur in small cal stocks, the most certainly won't allow it in precious metals, and this may have contributed to the profit-taking that saw gold slip back the where it started the day."
  13. Inverse H and S seems to have a low success rate near top of uptrend. Divergence out of high overbought or oversold levels run at 62% for me and is a better option.
  14. S*** plastic, you had me laughing at one of your posts. more humour please.
  15. The 1H close below support would have been a good short trade last night, around 11pm our time. [ blue line.] 6600 holding for now.
  16. Best to use line Chart for H&S and Inverse H&S. If you get an entry on pullback..... Risk - 36 pips... Reward - 97 pips.
  17. NZD/USD Break out ....see if it retraces to test breakout line. Also showing Divergence on 4H.... could be a short trade if it triggers.
  18. Hey EB Hope you are well... A bit of a range on 200... near 4H support.I think you meant 6775 sup. Big red candle this morning. Bounce back to top of range or break below.
  19. Yeah EB audusd and audjpy have been really strong lately.. I usually trade one or the other, Just a case of following trend. I won't trade today and wait and see how far they pull back.
  20. Keep Queensland border closed.. Most coastal areas between Newcastle and the border are booming at the moment. These types of crowds are usually only seen around Xmas and Easter. You play golf, you sign in, name... address... Mob. number and get a temp. check.If you go to clubs. pubs etc. you do the same. Don't hug or shake hands, and keep a safe distant. Everything takes 5 minutes longer.. What a bitch. A lot of small business owners around here would like to thank the QLD Premier. I guess we have been lucky so far....
  21. Hey EB Quarterly GDP out today, around 11.30 am I think. Expected - 6%. I only trade AUD currency pairs at the moment AU and AJ but will stay out today and see if there is a pullback. Only trading Long for the last month. ASX200 squeezed on Daily.
  22. Close that morning gap and another shot at 6000 . Risky trade.
  23. I can't verify it EB, but I believe they made her wait 8mins and 46 seconds.
  24. Well done EB..... scalping todays trends would have put some money in your account.You've still got it mate.
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