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  1. With a bit of luck they may have seen the light after the federal election that you don't mess with old folk,look after them and they will reward you,cheers mrbear
  2. We might whinge about our institutions but at the moment we are travelling through the balkan region and i can tell you aussie is worlds ahead. This place still has a big hangover from the communist days and if you want corruption and poor customer relations just come here. The people and and places are wonderful but the way they are run leaves a lot to be desired. Just like the attendant that walks out of his booth at a border crossing and doesnt come back for nearly 15 minutes and just leaves a heap of vehicles waiting in line , then when he does come back he lights up a smoke first. Ours are worlds ahead, cheers mrbear.
  3. Good old reliable banks charging the dead fees,at least they don't complain. I couldn't care less who they charge as long as they remain profitable and pay out divs. Half the fools in the country think they can do without banks,but I can see a lot of bleating as these people try to borrow money in the future and the banks will not hand it out as easily. Maybe they would be happy if the banks and the country go bankrupt,they of course will still get their welfare check (they think )every fortnight. I have had this conversation with a few welfare friends and to be honest I could not believe how dumb they really are. They cannot comprehend that someone like me has to pay a heap of tax so the government can pay it to them.maybe they think they just print more of the stuff when it gets in short supply,cheers mrbear
  4. Hi triage,any fool wins with hindsight,only the ones who post before the event and regularly win are worth any salt. How much tax you have to pay at the end of each year dictates how well you do ,cheers mrbear
  5. Regardless of whether it be a share or property,when it goes up too fast and gets into the realm of irrational exuberance it always retraces to a stable level at some point,cheers mrbear
  6. The reasoning is simple early birds that a stock at it's all time low always rises providing the company is not a dog falling into the abyss and tls is not in this category yet so really you can bet with comparative safety a minimum 10-15% profit over the next couple of months,cheers mrbear
  7. The reason early birds is 2.55 was the all time low so anything below that is a fairly safe bet. I would only buy them for a trade,not long term,cheers mrbear
  8. Good old tls,never seen a stock fall after announcing so many sackings,they always go up. Sub $2.55 may be worth a buy though as it would hopefully have a rebound after june 30,cheers mrbear
  9. It's only the banks being taxed again by the government and of course the joe average will be the ones that pay. If the bank did such a horrible thing multiple times why is none of the multi million dollar a year employees facing jail time,i just see it as a cash grab and everything will be hunky dory and all the bigwigs will still get their multimillion dollar salaries ,cheers mrbear
  10. The banking commission means nothing but a lot of smoke and drivel. The core of the whole thing is that they are profitable and in the foreseeable future nothing will change,not like tls that is in a downward spiral of profit and div payouts. Most traders I know treat this as a opportunity to add more, no different to bhp a short time ago when it was on the nose sharp players bought more and have been adding as it has risen and does not seem anywhere near its peak yet,cheers mrbear
  11. A dog is a dog,no amount of window dressing alters it and it's last low was 2.55 from memory and looks like it may be breached and only then will I become interested in it as I have been cut too many times in the past with a falling knife,cheers mrbear
  12. All this doom and gloom,i must be silly for buying a heap more this morning,cheers mrbear
  13. mrbear

    Averaging down

    Sound advice over a spread but deadly on single stocks. cheers mrbear
  14. Every now and then I get a brain snap and buy a few of these dogs when I think they are a good buy but always get jolted back to reality and sell for a loss ,though it does reinforce the mantra of buy something that is going up and pays good divs as well,like ppt the banks,bhp,wam and many others that do not disappoint like tls,cheers mrbear
  15. mrbear


    They will beat them to a pulp with a feather duster for sure,cheers mrbear
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