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  1. same for me 'Teddy'. Everything looks very solid at the moment but my guess is the USA exit is simply a precurser to a UK exit and when that happens the lid will come off NAB. I don't say the UK exit is around the corner but IMO the new mgmnt strategy appears obvious and even though it will be financially painful to pull off, it will change the tone of NAB completely. cheers Ian
  2. Crookers, It would be nicer if you spelled out your views before asking for others. However, keeping it really simple:- - RCG has delivered for shareholders from day 1 and demonstrated their capacity to position, manage and grow this business. If you have a different view I would be interested to hear it. - The current unusual circumstances are not a reflection of RCG as much as reflection on market conditions. We each need to make our own assessment of those conditions in terms of their depth and possible longevity. I have made mine. You must make yours. Such developments are endlessly repeated. Right now everyone is running away from RIO/BHP because the ore price is falling. They want to buy back in at the bottom when it rises again. At 70 I am no newby and I tell anyone that is willing to listen that IMO the belief it is possible to sell at the top and buy at the bottom is a doomed formula. - Is todays announcement declaring disaster or reasonable adjustment. Is it suggesting losses will drag the company into seriously worrying headwinds causing the sky to fall. Again we must each make our own judgement. - Is the market filled with long term investors (I declare that is me) or short term and reactionary types. IMO it is the latter that create heady and dramatic swings, often in the belief they can protect their investment. Theirs is not a judgement based on fundamentals. I consider it to be erratic noise unless there are much greater issues at play than RCG face right now. In this case I do not see those greater issues and ergo see this development as an opportunity. Will it be NWH or RCG. That is my only issue right now. I am always willing to learn so I welcome your views. regards
  3. Terine, very much oversold IMO too, and hardly a dramatic profit adjustment announcement. Makes it a buy for sure in my view but I see a number of seriously oversold stocks around right now so its a bit of a smorgersboard to decide what to load up with. RCG is definitely in the mix for me now however
  4. Ian


    Melua, No doubt times are hard for most IT companies at the moment but for DTL it is not all doom and gloom. No one holds contracts forever and though no one likes losing contracts that is part of commercial world. However DTL was re-appointed to the Qld Govt supply board for another 5 years and did win that multi year, multi million contract with Ipswich Council, plus a huge contract (DTL's biggest ever) with Fiona Hospital and quite recently the new contract with Brisbane airport, so a balance between losses and wins still gives room for optimism for continued dividend strength and that is my main focus. I am not saying I think your judgement will prove to be wrong but I do feel its a little early to throw in the towel just yet. Time of course will tell and more weakness in the short term cannot be discounted. But your warning is noted and as a result it is on the 'watch' list. thanks for your views. cheers Ian
  5. Ian


    Melua, Again, I see that as a commentary on the market and not DTL. ie, look out, the Govt is grinding to a standstill. Of course its a factor, and it's already been in play since the arrival of the current Qld govt, otherwise we would not be seeing the current price drop. But I see it as a 'sky falling in' level factor rather than a long term factor. Gov'ts and large organisation must invest in technology. There is no 'shall we or shall we not' option available to them. The only option available to them is 'when'. The current Qld Govt pulled the plug on everything other than the right to breath when it took over office, but that is what tory style Govts always do when they first emerge. It comes with the territory. It's what they think differentiates them from social platform based style Govts they replace. We only need to watch the arrival of the new federal govt to see another example. But does it mean they pull the plug permanently?. No it doesn't and nor can it. It's a bit like gov'ts asking themselves 'shall we spend on new emerging, life saving medical options, or shall we permanently pull the plug on that idea'. In the end they don't really have options other than timing and flirting around the edges. So if, as you wisely warn, there is a risk of the Govt pulling the plug, I see that as an argument about timing more than anything and it is the timing issue that I am interested in. A short hand way to address that is the 'oversold' factor. I should add Melua that I am all long term. I have no interest and even less ability to operate in the short term sphere so my comments need to be taken in that context. My main DTL holding was acquired early 2008. There have been a number of peaks and troughs over those years but they have served my smsf wonderfully well over that time. In my view there are very few companies in our market with mgmnt of their calibre. good luck for 2014
  6. Ian


    Alonso, do you have an opinion about the point at which DTL will be oversold. I still hold quite strongly with costs of about mid 50c's but sold a parcel I was holding that cost 82c recently. I don't doubt DTL's ability to operate in a viable market, so I don't see the current condition as a 'DTL' situation, but rather as a market situation. In other words I expect DTL to recover when conditions recover, and I do expect that to happen. My issue is when to re-enter and hence my question. cheers Ian
  7. Ian


    Alonso, disappointing outcome but no need for that to be a reflection on the company. It does not raise alarm bells for me. I would load up bar the fact I am already quite heavy in DTL and more interested in loading up on a favourite WA mining services providor at the moment. The degree to which that stock has been hit borders on stupidity IMO and the opportunity presented is outstanding (also IMO). DTL has been gently spanked by nervous nellies and short term traders. Nothing more that that IMO. good luck whatever you decide to do. cheers Ian
  8. Thanks for that Arty. Highly appreciated and very illuminating. Good luck with it all from one sole trader to another. cheers
  9. Arty, appreciate your comments. Do you mind if I ask what are the better prospects you have in mind. cheers
  10. Dr, Fall in A$ exchange rate is great news for SHV. More and more their sales will be into overseas markets and much of that will be in US$, so the fall in the value of the A$ automatically increases profitability. Also happy to hold
  11. Mike 11, from my perspective there is no reason at all other than the fact the sharemarket for small caps is dominated by short termers and sentiment rules. If someone wants to give us all an explanation I am always willing to listen but for me its a top up opportunity. Ask yourself, what is different today compared to yesterday.
  12. Ian


    Mick, Perfectly understood. Thanks for the intro to NWH. Looks inviting - I think - even though it seems to be under downwards pressure Cheers Ian
  13. Ian


    Mick, Yes, disappointing but not panic territory. 1c ff at year end still produces respectable annual divi (my various entries were in the 20~23c range), so happy to leave it alone for the time being. However Nebo's words of wisdom are resonating a little louder today so I won't be jumping in boots and all to fill up at the current sp - at least not until I research it a bit more deeply cheers Ian
  14. Ian


    Lissica, Yes that's valid comment and thank you for making it. Though I think the current environment is not one that easily lends itself to improving margins. Do you view this as a long standing issue for BSA cheers Ian
  15. Ian


    Mick, BSA powers on. Latest announcement adds considerable weight in my opinion (new contracts and highest order book ever)and I have increased my holding. I fail to understand why BSA seems to be flying under the markets radar. Either I am very wrong or the general market is simply not aware of BSA. What's your view. cheers Ian
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